Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Jordan Shines!!

My nephew Jordan was chosen to introduce his former 1st grade teacher, Libby Buck, for the Golden Apple awards program which was held at the Philharmonic in front of thousands in the audience not to mention it was on LIVE TV at the same time!!! It's a huge teacher awards program held every year.


It was a BIG night for him and he pulled off a flawless performance!! It was so exciting to see him up there on the big stage. This is something he will remember for a lifetime!! All of us will!! I think his family (including me) stopped breathing while he was speaking wanting everything to go perfectly! He nailed it!!

There is even a video of his performance after the pictures!! Jordan, we are so proud of you the young man you have become!! Katie, you are such a sweet, supportive sister and it was fun squeezing your hand in the audience as Jordan spoke!! You can read more about these special kids at http://ordinarymiraclesjcb.blogspot.com/; my sister’s AMAZING blog!!

Getting ready for the big night. Jordan is only 12, but these pictures are foreshadowing what it'll be like for his prom in just a few short years. OMG!

To know these kids is to love them. They are amazing human beings and I have learned so much from watching them grown and seeing their amazing parents fill them up with love everyday. Jordan and Katie, thank you for being such sweet souls all of your life. You have filled up so many just by being you!

Jen loves this boy with every fiber in her being! I've never seen anything like it.

Jamie is such an incredible father and would do ANYTHING for his kids!


Jen and Katie have the neatest bond and it's such a joy to watch them interact and the love just fills the room when they're together. She loves both of her children with so much unconditional love and it is evident when you meet Jordan and Katie.

Here's my cute daddy and the star of the night.

Libby and her presenter. Thank you Libby for asking Jordan to present you for this HUGE honor! You are such a special person to our entire family!

Hey, I know that girl!! I have so much love for this boy!! I feel like he's my son too!!

When did he become such a young man??

Ok, this is getting out of hand with the cuteness!! He's only 12, but he looks like he's going off to college in this picture!!!!!

I ABSOLUTELY love this picture of Katie!! She is just as sweet on the inside as she looks in this picture. Katie, you are loved by so many!!

Jen and Jamie, thank you for being such great role models for David and me on how to raise healthy, well balanced, polite, loving, kind, caring, funny, and just incredible human beings! Lily is one lucky girl to be surrounded by people like you and your kids!!

Group picture on the big night!! David was home with Lily Pie and I loved knowing they were having special father - daughter time together. I almost got a speeding ticket racing home. tee hee.

Big night equals a big celebration of a delicious McDonalds McFlurry.

Here's the video to enjoy!!!

Have your hand on your volume because you need to TURN IT UP ALL THE WAY when he starts speaking. I'm working on fixing that by taping it again, but there is a cute Lily video after his speech (I cant separate the videos for some reason) where you need to turn the volume back to normal or you'll hear my annoying sing-songy voice too loud! Trust me, you'll wanna turn it back down for sure!!:)




Heidi said...

HE WAS AMAZING, poised, well articulated, just plain adorable! He is so handsome on the outside and a love on the inside. He has such a good heart. Jenn, both your kiddies are representations of what wonderful parents you and J are. You really should author a book on how to raise amazing kids. K you looked so pretty too!

Unknown said...

I told you and Jen that it was one of the ONLY times I got teary eyed! He did nail it, and he was ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC! Gosh, how time flies! He is geowing into such a wonderful young man!All the credit in the world goes to J &J for working hand-in-hand, raising TWO MAGNIFICENT, BEAUTIFUL, children! P.S- Auntie Kelly & Uncle D are pretty special, too! What a memorbale event for the ENTIRE family!! Great pics, thanks for sharing!

P.S. - your Dad was DEFINITELY sporting the Macy's smile & attire. Sorry JCPeny's! :-)hee, hee!xoxo!!

Unknown said...

I don't know how one "geows" into a wonderful young man. I do know how one GROWS into such! ;-) Oh, and they say coffee doesn't effect the brain...I beg to differ! :o)

Kelle said...

jordan should be so proud of himself! and dat big, big girl at the end in my FAVORITEST jammies ever in the history of mankind! Scrumptious!