Thursday, May 01, 2008

How Did We Get So Lucky?

I stare at her in amazement that she is ours forever!! How did we get so lucky?

Sometimes I think she's just too good to be true...then I study her and realize it's not a dream.

She's here.

She's real.

She's a gift.

She's our heart!



Then I ask how did we get so lucky that Kelle takes pictures of our gift and presents her in such a way that captures her essence and her heart! I take pictures and some of them don't even look like Lily. Kelle has a camera like a paparazzi and snaps away like Lily is a movie star!! There's nothing cuter than seeing her in person, but Kelle makes her come alive in pictures and you can see her spirit!! Thank you Kelle for this gift you give to us and all who love Lily!!



She's so advanced that she's already practicing her whistle!



Her feet are so itty bitty that we have about 3 pairs of socks that actually fit and stay on!! And we have a drawer full of about 400 pairs of socks!!

Kelle said watching for a yawn is like bird watching for her!! LOL.

This picture makes me literally laugh out loud!! Not only is she making the funniest face ever, but she's also doing something with her fingers that could get her in twubble one day!!tee hee

This is her face of contentment when she's awake!! Mommy and daddy's favorite face!!



I love her smiling eyes. :)
She is like a boxer because she always has one or both hands by her face while she sleeps....even when she's awake! Too cute!!

Lily went to see her aunt at school to learn about loving.



If I had a trophy to give for "Nurse of the Year", it would be given to Katie Cascio!! She was my nurse while in the hospital and she made me feel so special, loved, cared for, and reassured that everything was going to be OK. And it was. Because Nurse Katie was there! I've never experienced such love and caring from a nurse before!! I'll never forget all that she did for Lily and me during such an emotional time!!

Heaven sent...

Lily loves her carseat. I don't like putting her in it because she seems so 'smooshed' but a happy Lily is a happy mommy!


I think she is posing here.

What a snuggle bunny!! .



Is it just me or is that a smile??

She is in her ballerina attire ready for her next recital...

Fast forward....

Ok, maybe she looks a little old here, but this is something like what she'll look like in just 10 months!! 10 more months?? Can you believe that? Lainey is too cute for words here at 11.5 months ready for the same recital!!!


jen said...

i made the cutest tutus for my girls...
i'll have to share with you how to do them...they were super easy and cute...perfect for baby pictures!
you can kinda see them on cora's (coconut's) 10 month picture on my blog (it's purple and white)...
i'll have to try and post better pics of them!
your lily just seems to be getting more beautiful...
mommy-hood is fun, isn't it??
and my best friend just had a baby girl on the 17th! i love watching all these little girls grow up! maybe it will delay my desire for another baby...

Anonymous said...

Love the photos and happy 4 weeks little Lily! Aren't birthing center nurses the BEST! I keep telling my sister to work on that floor. Lainey is Adorable - so petite and sweet! Enjoy your little bundle of joy - the love grows more and more daily!!

Love Donna

Kelle said...

I love this post...not just cuz Lainey's pic is right under her sweet, sweet friend, but because it just sinks in a little more looking at all these pics and reading what you wrote that the hurts are gone and she is here. Of course, mommyhood hurts follow, but that's all beautiful anyway. Wish I could be a fly on the wall at every moment you and David drink her in. It makes me smile just thinking of it. I have to go back and look at these again and read it all over again! It's so weird hearing these songs now that she's here when we listened to them so long and all they represented was a dream. I LOVE taking pictures of her...she is so incredibly gorgeous! Miss her!

Tisha said...

I opened your blog and Celine Dion's "Miracle" started playing, perfect! She's such a beauty, before you know it she'll be borrowing LL's tutu for her own first ballerina photo session with Kelle.

Heidi said...

What a BEAUTIFUL wittle baby girl! She is so sweet. Not just her face, but her heart too! U being so happy, makes this world a happier place. I love the 'birdie' pics and the content face. She is perfectly perfect. U look amazing and soooo happy and content. What a blessing:) Love u guys! PS Lainey looks so stinkin' cute in her ballerina get up! Soon, Lily will be wearing the same things. Can't wait.

Allison Brinkley, Dietitian said...

I just love these photos. She is so beautiful. You are so lucky to have all these photos to document all the stages of her growth. I love the whistle pics. Chase would do that when he was little. I thought he looked like a little angel singing carols.

carie said...

wowie! don't know what else to write!