Monday, January 05, 2009


Ever since Lily sat up, it's like a different baby where she can do so much wherever we go. She's usually all smiles too. I don't know how she doesn't catch flies all day!

I'm not a big fan of shirts that have words that label the baby (ie "Troublemaker", "Spoiled",etc) but I made an exception with this gift we received at her shower. We tend to agree.

I think they're contemplating life. Or contemplating when the next nap will be...for both of them. :)

She's meditating...

We were on the phone with David's parents when all of a sudden the doorbell rang and we were greeted by Christmas carolers belting out their favorite tunes. Little did they know they were singing to us as well as the herd in SC.

Lily makes everything all that sweeter!

Life is good! xoxo


Heidi said...

that first picture is so sweet!!!

we got the carolers too-i about cried with excitment.

no pic tho...damn. good one, kelly hutcheson.


Kelle said...

Oh, she is such a smiler. I love that. And I LOVE her new teefers. She is love. All love! And I get to spend all day with her!! (I can hear her making her little putting-herself-to-sleep noises right now)

dig this chick said...

Those teeth! And she is so big all of the sudden. I remember when I stmbled into your blog and Florida world and you were pregnant and dreaming of meeting lily....that doesn't seem that long ago. It wasn't I guess. But your life and the content of your posts is different now. She is something else. Cutie. Yes.

wylie said...

When she smiles, she is smiling with her whole body, not just those pinchable cheeks! I think that is the most amazing thing! You have one really, really, happy baby Kelly, she smiles from the inside out ;)

Is that girl holding a plate of money? what happened to good job for the singing? Maybe we should start caroling...

Jennifer said...

Oh I love her smiles so much!!!

My favorite shot is the one of Lily and David sitting in the mulch, looking down as she inspects the chunks of wood all around her. You will look back at that picture someday and love it even more.

Love you!!

Delenn said...

what a cutie! I wish we could go to the park here--um..its snowy. :-)

Yes, I am experiencing the same thing here--ever since she could sit up, its like a light turned on in her brain!

anna said...

I'm also a bit jealous that you can take your beautiful babe outside without having to put her in about 9 layers and then push the running stroller through 6 inches of snow! Can we switch homes for a while?! She's adorable. Some day, it'd be awesome if our babes met your little lady who was born only a day after Stella and Xav!