Saturday, January 31, 2009

December Milestones

Is there a job out there where I could digital scrapbook and get paid for it? I think I'd work 100 hours a week and not even realize it because it's just so much fun!! Then I could bring Lily to work with me too!!

Lily is crawling all over the place and if we put her in another room, she'll crawl straight to the toy box and find her next toy.(cute picture to follow) It's so funny to see her so mobile and thinking about what she wants her next adventure to be!

Lots of fun pictures on the camera still and our Flip Video is coming this week(waiting by the mailbox) so more to come!

Life is Good!


Kelle said...

Oh, I love these! I love all the Christmas pictures and her smile in all of them! Can't wait to see more flip videos! xoxo

Anna Ruth said...

Lily's Christmas dress is too precious. Love what you did with all your pictures!

Anonymous said...

Love the Christmas pics. Lily is a real beauty just like her mama!


The Manrings said...

Beautiful pics and scrapbook pages.... What wonderful family pictures too...oh and little Samantha got the same exact wagon for her first christmas too. fun fun!

Tisha said...

i love these pages!!!

Jennifer said...

You are doing an AMAAAAZING job with keeping up with her pages and milestones, all the while balancing it all with work, marriage, pumping, couple time, me time, keeping up the house, groceries, cooking, doctor's appointments, researching every source of knowledge to ensure her health...and loving her to pieces during your every waking moment.

Not that I expected anything different, but you really ARE an incredible Mommy.

Lucky Lily Grace.

I love you so much!!!

Julie Frizzi said...

your list at the top cracked me up

Reeves Family said...

She is beautiful and I love your pages! Do you have a special program to create them or is there a website?