Sunday, January 11, 2009

9 months

Nine months doesn't sound like very long, but I can't remember life without Lily; seems like another lifetime. She closer to a year than she is to 1/2 year and that is crazy to think about! The whole process of growing up is so gradual, natural and beautiful all at the same time. She had her 9 month checkup and she is growing like she should be.

It's so funny that she only makes this face when she's listening to Dr. Wilson. It's the "I-think-you're-kinda-important" face...She makes it the whole time and doesn't take her eyes off of him for a second.

For her 9 month shot, she is going after the paper of course. She'd eat the ENTIRE sheet of paper if we let her. I have to hide my shopping list at the grocery store because she'll want that and only that if she spots it. Visualize me crossing things off my list down by my knee so her eagle eye doesn't pick it up on her radar. I'm packing paper in her lunchbox when she grows up.

oh, how I love this dress on her...I'd let her wear it everyday if that was sanitary; oh and if it wasn't 80 degrees!

See, it's hot down here! Don't you northerners feel bad for us;) Lily is saying hi to your northerners... (notice my "Life is Good" hat from Santa)

Oh, how she loves her Lainey Love...her eyes light up, huge smile appears, & legs start kicking when she sees her. It's magical how she knows that's someone her age and someone she should look up to. Lucky us!

She loves her wagon rides too...thank you Santa!
ok, so it gets cold at night...

We've been using this mesh pacifier food thingy that Aunt Molly gave us eons ago and we love it. Actually, Lily loves it. We put food in the mesh bag and she goes to town on it. Here she is eating a strawberry, but she missed her mouth a few times...

I was making her food while she was gnawing on it and came back to this face...what? me? I didn't do it. She actually looks like Groucho Marx!

see the resemblance?

ok, that's better...

She loves to play "Where's Lily" when david flies her around on his head asking where she is over and over; she squeals with laughter in delight. Not quite sure who likes this game more ;)

There is NOTHING I like more than our mornings together. Where we're not doing anything special, but we all know how special that is.

She loves to stand more than anything... here is she is hard at work...(she has cloth diapers on so it looks like she has more junk in the trunk-haha)

Say hi to your peeps

Life is good! xoxo


wylie said...

I think my favorite picture is of her and D on the couch, they are adorable! She is just hanging, checkin' out her daddy, guys and thier widdle girls, oh how they love them so.

That mesh bag thing is the best, we have one too, we put ice in there, can't wait to try out the food! Lily is so beautiful, look at her stand!

Kelle said...

oh, that picture of her and david! KELLY!!! Love it! she is all smiles in all of these! xoxo

dig this chick said...

love her little cloth diapered bum! How is that going?

The Groucho Marx comparison is hilarious.

Heidi said...

david and lily on the couch is a stunner...beautiful! just hangin' with daddy on the couch havin a lazy conversation.

so sweet.

she is growing and i love the cloth diaper junk-in-the-trunk!

Lindsey said...

My daughter is 8 months and 1 week and your baby reminds me of her sooo much! :-) They're definitely behaving the same, lol. The whole eating paper, loving to stand up, getting sooo excited when she sees kids - it's so my daughter, Emma! So fun to see another mama having fun with her baby like I am. :-)

Tisha said...

she is just too precious! it's hard to believe she is 9 months!

i used cloth diapers for awhile with jonah. if we ever have another one i'll give it a shot again.

Jessica said...

Can't believe she is 9 months old goes by way too fast! I love that you bring your camera to her doctor appts! So cute! Such a good mama documenting it all!! :) Lily has a lot more hair than Chase now! :)

jen said...

fluffy cloth diaper butt!
i love the proof that you are doing it!
yeah you!

and the picture of her and daddy? aw.

Jennifer said...

Happy 9 months, Lily!
Great pictures mama Kelly.

Kara said...

Don't you just love Dr. Wilson? That's Christopher's doctor, too!

I tell you what I'm loving...these precious pictures of Lily and reading about how much you love being her mommy! This is the stuff they should be putting on the news! We'd all be a lot happier if we heard stories like this every day! :0)

Cibele said...

Happy 9 months. Loves all the pictures. Lyla is also 9 months, such a fun age isn;t it? soon they will celebrate their first birthday, how awesome is that?
Thanks for your support

Grandpa said...

The picture of Lily and David spending some "special" time together is priceless!

Children that are exposed to quality time with their parents . . . receiving unconditional love . . . while at the same time understanding some limits . . . will grow to be well-adjusted adults . . . showing empathy for others and have the confidence to lead a successful life.

From what I see . . . Lily is well on her way!

Love Ya!
Dad & Grandpa!

DGMommy said...

OMG!!!!! The picture of her and David on the couch is priceless!!!!! Can' stop looking at it! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT:)

Steph C said...

nine months wow! She is just adorable and perfect love her. I love the mesh food thing too I started Skye with it a few weeks ago. Try watermelon and bananas with it! She is beautiful Kelly!

Anonymous said...

The picture of Daddy and baby sharing their morning together is SO frick'n adorable!!!