Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Dinner, Dates, and More...

Lily had a little extra lovin' last week when Carin and her 3 adorable girls helped Kelle watch Lily. They are such naturals with babies! They scooped her up and loved on her so much! Whenever she'd start crying, they'd go running to her to talk sing-songy, give her a toy, or distract her. It was adorable! Sydney went down in history as being the first person to make Lily wave. I couldn't believe my eyeballs!!

She loves to crawl to a table and stand...it is so cute to watch the fireworks go off in her mind as you can see what she wants to do and the effort it takes to execute. She's so proud once she reaches her goal.

She loves to watch us while we're tinkering in the kitchen and loves her new chair Kelle let us borrow.

Kelle's mom made her this hat and I have a hard time taking it off of her. Would it be bad if she took a bath in it? lol So much love in knitted in this hat! I think she knows it too.

We went to a tropical surprise party for one of David's friends. There was a matching dress that went with his shirt, but more on that in a second.

Ok, so Heidi was nice enough to let us borrow her super cute, sentimental, matching shirt and dress for the party, but let's just say it didn't quite fit me. This picture makes me laugh




but it did fit my adorable 10 year old niece Katie!! l.o.freakin.l

We had a great time at the party and were lucky enough to have co-babysitters to love Lily! They are like Supernanny the way they show up at a moments notice and take over seamlessly like a well orchestrated team spreading the love. Thank you for loving her like your own! Understatement of the year!

I bought these letters at WalMart on a whim remembering them many Lainey bathtub pictures. It was her first night seeing them and Jen said they were a total hit. She was engrossed and wanted to take a nibble on each one!

Peek a boo is always a winner in the bathtub, but not with these letters to investigate. So Katie got creative and played a game of eat the letters which she thought was hilarious. Katie would put the letters in her mouth and Lily would let it sit there laughing hysterical like she knew she looked funny.

Then story time came and more history was made. Katie was reading her all time favorite story. (thanks Gma and Gpa H)

and her voice must've been like a sound machine because this happened next.

Lily fell asleep during storytime! Her VERY favorite story that even has bells and music on every page! This has never happened in the history of Lily. And she was OUT so Jen carried her upstairs like a heavy sack of potatoes!! So glad Jen took pictures or I wouldnt've believed it myself!
Thank you, thank you, thank you for loving her so much!! Yum, yum, yum!

Taking Lily to the park is so much fun; especially with this weather lately!! Picnics are even better. And there just happened to be a jazz concert at the same time. Lucky us.

She crawls all over us like we're a jungle gym.

she loves to play, play, play...

And she would swing all day if she could...

love how they're both making the same expression here...oh my freaky genetics

Life is Good! Another understatement!!



jen said...

she looks so big all of a sudden.
love that "i can do it!" thought process! and the accomplishment ... is just as wonderful!

Kelle said...

favorite pic is one of her standing with that two-teethed smile. i was just missin' her! can't wait to see her crawl today. i love raising babies with friends who love like i do. xoxo

Mary said...

These pics show the real essence of Lily - happy, comfortable, loved.
Her falling asleep, reading with Katie is the best. Is there anything, I mean anything, better than a sleeping baby in your arms.
Love each and every picture-impossible this time to choose one-and I love our Lily. So happy she joined our family.

Heidi said...

i LOVE this post!!! my favorite shots of her...
her standing with her little sockies on with a big grin...the one of jenn, katie and lil lil...scrunchy face...sleeping lily on katie...

LO freaking L katie wearing the dress from my HONEYMOON!!!! i swear, it used to fit me. that dress must have shrunk in my closet!!! her and david...had to take a double take-thought it was jeff and i in maui!

lovin' that little lily pie...she is growing up. so lucky to love her!

wylie said...

I laugh and cry at the same time, I "craf" at the picture of Katie reading to a sleeping Lily, then the thought of her being so out that Jen has to carry her up stairs! How adorable! You sure can feel the love, oh... your love cup must be full!

Carin said...

We miss Lily!

She was a part of our vacation every day! And she is just one of those babies that just molds into your body!! she's such a snuggle!

Love you guys!

Tisha said...

she is such a little heart stealer! her little scrunched up nose smile makes my heart skip a beat. :)

Cibele said...

OMG, she is so gorgeous. Lovely pictures. Lovely family!

Leah said...

Hi!! We have the FLIP MINO... but not the HD one. We got it at COSTCO at Christmas time. That's so funny you're addicted too! Isn't it the best?!?! I grab it and use it all the time! It's SO easy to download videos onto the computer and then crop them... and it's kissably cute isn't it! HA!

Leah said...

P.S. LOVE the picture of Lily standing on David's stomach... Her thighs are just the cutest little things!