Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Good-Bye 2008 - We Love You!!

Before 2008 is over, I found these priceless pictures I thought I posted, but just found them in my drafts.

These are from Alan's amazing first year birthday party! It was a sports themed party and oh so fun! So many touches that you could feel the love dripping in every one. Still can't believe Alan is one! Check out this adorable "toddler".

I absolutely love this picture with David and Lily! D loves football; especially the Bucs! Lily framed this picture for him and put it under the Christmas tree.

Ok, so we're not in matching outfits, but had to support the Gators who are SO much fun to watch! Especially TT!!

I guess since it's the new year, I'm cleaning house in blog land.
Found these in my drafts too!! This will go in her first year book that is coming together slowly but surely. I'm going to be so scared to hit "publish" when I finally order it because it's going to be filled to the gills.

This is one of my favorite spreads from her baptism...

And found these picture gems of Lily and Lainey. Feel like I went into a time machine for these! Lily is probably 2-3 months in these. Lainey just turned one. They have a neat friendship. They get so excited when they see each other and are always looking out for each other like sisters. If Lily starts crying, Lainey will run over with a toy, bring Lily her special green taggie blanket, get her bottle or try to distract her by making noises. They even sympathy cry for each other. If one starts crying, the other must be trying to validate their feelings because the other will join in. What girls. lol. Feel bad for Kelle in those moments, but she handles it with such ease. I love their relationship and how Kelle fosters it everyday!


So as I clean up in blog world and close the year with a giant bow, I have nothing but love for 2008 and want to give a giant smooch! We were blessed in so many ways and I am humbled by all of them. Lily has changed so much in 8.75 months, but she is still so much the same because her heart is full of life, energy and happiness. She is like a beacon of light in our house and a giant band-aid over our formerly hurting hearts. I never thought life could ever be this perfect even though not everything is perfect. On April 4th, Lily came into this world and handed us these giant goggles to wear, allowing us to peek at this life through her eyes where everything is brighter, shinier, prettier, happier, funnier, kinder, and lighter. Lily is so little and too young to understand everything in her beautiful life; she looks at us and we know we are her entire world. If only she knew it was just the opposite.

She is our world.

She is our heart.

She is our everything.

Being a mom has changed me in the most dramatic ways. I feel like I belong to the most beautiful circle of parenting where I was on a really long waiting list, yearning to join, peeking through the windows, crying to the bouncer at the door, beating down the door, scaling fences trying to break in, trying to figure out the code to the padlocks, people begging me to join, looking for secret entrances and finally I was able to walk through the most beautiful & welcoming doors and feel more love than I've ever felt in my life. Not only for Lily, but for other parents, my parents, other babies, other kids, other teenagers, other people in general, even strangers, and just have my heart swell with happiness because I am a mom.


And I feel like I prepared my whole life for this role. God just made us wait so he could hand pick this beautiful soul for us who was worth the wait. I forget about all the waiting and pain so often and have to literally remind myself because it seems like a different couple that went through all that junk. Another life. Another world. Thank you Lily for making 2008 one of those years we'll never ever forget and being the sunshine and the rainbow in our life. You make us better people and feel lucky enough to just hold your hand and know you. You will have a beautiful life and can't believe we are lucky enough to spend each day with you as you explore and become the person you're meant to be.

We are a family because of you.

Mother's Day 2008

Life is Good!!


Kelle said...

oh, tears. that last picture too...just don't even remember her being that little. 2008 is one of those years you need to send away to get bronzed so you can put it on your shelf and look at it every day. but then do. her name is lily. xoxo happy new year, friend.

Grandpa said...

You are so right when you say that Lily makes you forget all of the pain and heartache you experienced while waiting for this beautiful child to come into your lives . . . and ours too!

I do believe Lily's constant smile is a signal for us adults to treat the people we meet with more openness and kindness . . . and with her beautiful eyes . . . she's reading our minds to see if . . . "We've been naughty or nice!"

And Lilly knows that I've been nice!

Love Ya!
Dad & Grandpa!

Jennifer said...

As much as my heart hurt for you during the many valleys of your journey to Lily...

my heart is even happier for you, now that she is here.

in your arms.


and loving you back...soooo much.

2009 will be magical, as we peel back more layers of her

Happy New Year!!
I love you three so much!!!

Anonymous said...

It's always so hard to find the words to validate all that you are saying. In a simplistic way, I just want to keep saying, "Oh, I know, I know!" I know how much you longed for this and I know how much you struggled and I know your happiness with your little bundle knows no bounds. I wonder if she realizes or will ever realize that not only did she make you two so very, very happy, she made all of your family and extended family and friends so very, very happy too. We hurt when you hurt and we laugh when you laugh.
How someone so small can bring such happiness. Is it not amazing. I love your little family so much and I really love your happiness.

jen said...

kelly ...
what beautiful words and thankfulness for a single year in history ... the birth of a babe can change everything, can't it?

and i totally think she is gonna have your smile. you can see it in your (uncoordinated outfit ... ha ha) picture.

happy new year. glad i "met" you this year...

Heidi said...

2008 has been one of the best years i can remember because my friend was blessed with her little miracle. lily's heart is so sweet just like her mommy's and you both make this world a better place to be.

lily is a daily reminder to never give up on your dreams.

happy new year!

Jennifer said...

Beautiful baby girl, Kelly.
May she bring you much joy and happiness in the New Year.
She's a doll!

Me said...

Everything you said here is amazing Kelly! Your blog always warms my heart!
Meagan :)

Steph C said...

Tears! What a great year! Lily is just an amazing soul and so are you! You are a wonderful mother and you have a beautiful family!