Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New Year Gift

On New Year's Day, she did this...
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A few days later she did this...
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Now she just wants to move everywhere. We just sit in amazement, mouths gaping, smiling from ear to ear and cheering like we're at the dog track. Completely and utterly fascinating!

On another note, (heavy sigh) when Lily was born, she had a dimple on her lower back that doctors were concerned was connected to her interally. They did an ultrasound on it when she was born and after many prayers, it was discovered it WASN'T attached, was NOT a concern and just a unique part of Lily. We celebrated like it was our birthday! But, the dimple seems to be growing as she grows and they want to make triple sure that it hasn't attached or if it was missed in the ultrasound when she was a day old.

An ultrasound gives a good picture, but they want to get a better look.

The only way to get a better look at it is with an MRI.

The only way to give a baby an MRI is to sedate her.

As in sedation.

They are going to sedate our little Lily Pie! (welling tears)


We have to have the MRI done sooner than later to rule out any potential problems and if, God forbid, it is attached, it is all fixable, but I'm not fast forwarding to all the what ifs. The whole ordeal makes me sick to my stomach and heart sick. I'm not super worried about the outcome of the MRI, but more about her being "put under". She's having this done next Friday, 1/23 at 10:00. She'll be under for about 45 minutes. To say we're sad for her and worried is an understatement. But glad to have it done and rule out any problems. The MRI results will take a 4-5 days (oh dear!) after the radiologist reads them. She can't eat anything after 4:30am the morning of the test. So, once again, we're asking for big prayers that everything goes as planned and the outcome is positive. We've leaned on you so much in our journey to have Lily that we know this blog is connected to the big guy and need your help to make sure he's still reading!! :)

Thanks for your prayers and we'll keep you posted! Literally.


Anonymous said...

I am already praying VERY, VERY hard!!!

jen said...

thinking about her and you ... and i promise to think extra hard on the day and time of the procedure.
cora had the same thing when she was born. interesting. we went through the ultrasound too. and just recently ... i noted that it was evident again now that her baby fat was diminishing. thanks for giving me a prompt to ask about it at my next appt.
hugs from mn.

Tisha said...

we will be praying for you friday lily!

Steph C said...

Prayers Prayers and more Prayers. She is fine perfect! But I am so sorry you have to go through this as I can't imagine how hard it will be to see her sedated. But Kelly I promise it will be fine and this will just be another memory that we will just tuck away! I love you! I love Lily! She will not even know or care she will just be her normal happy self before and after!

Kelle said...

I'm absolutely confident that everything will go flawlessly. But that's not always what you want to hear...sometimes you just want to hear this: I understand your pain and would be so scared and so sad too.
Just loving you!
And love all the new things she's doing right now. Crazy awakenings going on in that precious little head of hers. xoxo

Here I am said...

Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog. I am sure everything will go smoothly with the MRI, but I can totally understand your feelings and I pray that it all goes well. Good luck and I love reading and watching Lilly grow so beautifully!

Jessica said...

Prayers are going Lily's way...I know how scared you are about this...I'm sorry!! :( HUGS!!!!

Oh and what?! Lily is crawling!? You tell her to slow down! She can't crawl yet!! :) I have a feeling Chase will be crawling in a month too...I'm scared. :)

Kara said...

I am certainly praying - for Lily, for the doctors, and especially for YOU! I know this whole ordeal will be the hardest on you! Looking forward to great news! :)

Jennifer said...

I am right there with you, Kelly...

no matter how much we say "she is going to be fine"...

"she won't even remember it"...

"this is for the best"...

the MRI is still a big, scary thing to deal with because she is your heart and soul...she is your entire world.

I love her so much.

You and D will lean on each other through this, pulling Lily into your force field of support you have for each other. Like always.

I am here for you through every step of this bumpy part of her journey!!

I love you all so much!!!

Cibele said...

Congratulations on crawling baby girl! now you can go places!
I'll be praying my friend. Lyla will need to eb sedated as well to put tubes in her ears... I understand how you feel

Grandpa said...

Oh my . . . Why do parents love their children so much . . . That it hurts us so much to see them sad?

Oh my . . . Why am I sad to see you Kelly . . . Worry about your beautiful Baby Lily?

Oh my . . . Why did Dr. Phil ever say . . . "We're only as happy as our unhappiest child?"

Oh my . . . You worry cuz you love your daughter . . . As I do mine!

Oh my . . . But Lily is not sad . . . not unhappy . . . Oh how we love her smile!

Oh my . . . Please look deep inside Lily's eyes . . . Would she want us to be sad?

Oh my . . . My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family!

Oh my . . . If you need me . . . Call me!

Love you!

Dad & Grandpa!

Heidi said...

your daddy's amazing!

i know your sad and scared...this sucks. even tho i am sure she will be all sucks.

a bump in the road. she is so lucky to have you two!

ps i have a few radiation jackets left over from beck's surgery...i'll get them to...LOL!!!


wylie said...

I love how you said this blog is attached to the big guy. I think you are right:) I think that these little bumps in the road will only make you appreciate the smooth road ahead. Good luck on Friday, your gorgeous family will be in my thoughts and prayers.