Thursday, January 22, 2009

Power Prayers

Power pumping always works for me so I figured power prayers would work too! Lily has her procedure tomorrow at 10am. We have to be there at 9:45 and she'll be sedated around 11ish, but not sure how the timing will go so please set your alarms, cell phones, email yourself, put a ribbon around your finger to say a prayer (or 50) OUT LOUD around this time.

She can't eat anything after 4am so we're going to try to keep her up a little later tonight and hopefully she'll sleep in until we have to leave.(she loves to sleep late like a college student home for summer) We'll probably dream feed her around 3:30am so she has something in her tummy. We're just hoping she doesn't wake up fully at this feeding and goes back to sleep peacefully until it's time to go. We've never done this so we're not sure how she'll react, but hopefully it'll work out.

Everyone says it'll be harder on us than her and that may be true so you can throw a shout out to mom and dad too, but not in replacement of the ones for Lily. tee hee. Sedating a 9 month old just seems so unnatural and scary. She is just so little.

Ok, maybe not that little.

See for yourself.

Check out her adorable face when she finally reaches the table. She is so proud of herself!

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Many more videos to come as we're getting a flip mino this weekend. I borrowed one from a friend and am totally addicted!!

Thanks in advance for your prayers! I'll try to post to the blog from my phone afterwards. I love you all!!

This video/song inspires me every. single. time.


Cibele said...

I believe is power prayer... I'll for her tonight. Lyla is like a college student as well, she sleeps until 9 am LOL

jen said...

thinking of ALL of you.
and i will be tomorrow too ...
i can't believe how big she looks in these last few posts. i remember when you commented on my blog the first time that you were home and about to have a baby. and i checked over here and "met" you guys. weird. now she's all big and stuff.
take care ... breathe.

jen said...
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Jennifer said...

I know two things:

Lily is loved beyond hundreds of people...and especially by her Mom and Dad.

She is going to be fine tomorrow, and knowing her, she will wake up smiling that sweet Lily smile.

I will play her video for my class tomorrow (again)...right before 11am. and we will all think good thoughts for her.

I love you all to pieces, and I am going through this with you!!!


Jessica said...

Prayers going out to little Lily today...please let me know how she did!!

Heidi said...

praying and thinking happy things for you lilster!!!!!

this is a bummer, but she is going to be sooooo fine, and you will have peace of mind too!

jenn said right when she said that lily will wake up smiling her infectious little smile!!!!

love you will be home snuggled up at home soon...xoxo can't wait for that!!!!!

Grandpa said...

The love we give our children allows them to grow up with the heart to love their parents . . .
and Lily was born into a very warm and loving home . . .

She loves being in your arms . . . knowing you will always care for her and protect her!

Love You!
Dad & Grandpa!

Jennifer said...

I hope and pray that all went well today. Please post an update when you feel up to it.