Friday, December 04, 2009

Tapping Toes...

Updated: after my tens of readers complained about the music playing over Lily's voice, I disabled the music so you can hear the videos:)

She goes through picture after picture in this photo album searching for David's dad who she calls "Poppa"; little does she know she's going to see him and the rest of the clan who loves her from afar in a few short hours. I'm giddy with excitement for her. I wish I could tell her and she'd understand, but seeing her face light up when she sees everyone is almost better. She's going to come home with one full love cup and I can't think of anything in my life that makes me happier than seeing her happy.

This little voice of hers is too much for me to handle.

(I didn't realize she was saying outside is hot until I watched the video back...bad mommy, bad mommy. ha)

And boy does she love to laugh! Laughing is my all time , #1, hands down favorite thing to do so it might be genetic. Can this girl make a game out of anything or what? If she didn't do this 50 times, then she didn't do it at all. She laughed like it was the first time every. single. time. Gotta love it.

I love how her little hand is still peeking out when she closes the door. She said hi and byebye every time like I was surprised to see her. lol

Life is Good :)


Anna Ruth said...

She has me laughing! Thanks for sharing.

Cibele said...

I know what you mean. I wish Lyla could undertand that she is going to Brazil and see all her huge family that can;t wait to give more love than she can handle. The videos are both adorable!

jen said...

so adorable.
it's so beautiful to see someone love their child as much as you love your lily.
with that face of hers, do you guys ever have a rough day??

Heidi said...

socute! love it!

Grandpa said...

Seeing Lily playing in the pantry . . . giggling as she surprises you . . . at least she thinks she is . . . must bring such a good feeling to you knowing that she loves you . . . as much as you love her.

You and Lily are really blessed to have each other . . . one to love and to nourish this young and innocent mind . . . and the other to look up to this beautiful person she calls Ma Ma!

Mary said...

That video is a hoot!!! Such a belly laugh. She is too much for words,

Anonymous said...

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