Saturday, July 04, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

This time last year:

and today:

this time last year:

and now today look at our little sparkler...(thanks Jen for sub-snapping for me while my sick camera is in the shop-cough, cough)


Is it criminal to 'over-shoot' this shot? If so, then I'll gladly pay the fine...

someone might be needing a haircut soon...won't mention any names, but for those of you who know Pig Latin, it's Ily-Lay, Race-Gay, Utcheson-Hay...

The party is always complete when the east coast is here and it's always said to see them go!! funny story whenI screamed out goodbye again to Molly's family and instead of saying "Bye Terrifie Taylors", I merged the 2 words and said "Bye Trailers" as they were lighting sparklers in the driveway. We got a big laugh out of that one!! Here's their corrected name :)

If someone could tell me how to embed from Photobucket, I'd pay a reward because I can't figure it out. Cute video of kids kissing Lily; especially if you listen to what Douglas says afterwards. Yes, that is Dan's real laugh. It's actually a mild version of it!!! Lily does a half version of "all done" at the end. Guess that means she's half done. ha

and you have the Briggs Bunch which bring fun and love to any party!! These kids are as sweet as they look and turning into such little mini-adults right before our very eyes!

man, this girl is a smiley-one! She's doted on by all her cousins like she is royalty! So cute and endearing!

... and these two have such a BEAUTIFUL big sister/little sister bond...

Right before the fireworks show, Lily watched everyone taking their seats in their lounge chairs and instead of opting for one of the many open laps, she crawled right up into her special chair to be like us...I think she was looking for her bag of popcorn too...

This is part of the "herd"...we're called that because we're such a large group, we take forever to get from point A to point B, spend unnecessary time in parking lots getting in one last story or laugh! It's really awe-inspiring to think this magic we have was all created because 2 people fell in love....Photobucket

Life is Good!!!
(paying double fine)


Marsha Colbert said...

I love your 4th of July pics. Too cute!! Looks like you all had fun!

Anna Ruth said...

What an amazing group of pictures! Lily looks beautiful.

Leah said...

Oh my gosh Kelly those are some seriously cute pictures of ily-Lay:-) The picture of the three of you on this 4th of July is great! She is just so cute. I'm so glad I've gotten to know her this summer:-)

Tisha said...

for pete's sake, how time does fly! it seems like just yesterday lily was born and now this! those sparkler pictures are just adorable, too cute for words! that top middle one in the collage is just to die for!!!

dig this chick said...

Dang your Lily can wear a big bow like no other kid. I swear, so cute. Cute little family, you are!

Julie Frizzi said...

loved spending time with you lily!!

Heidi said...

these pictures are so sweet! the year ago/today pics are precious and i can't b that she has grown so big even though i have watched her grow that big!!!

my faves: the big family pic at the end and the back pic of you, david and lily!!!

Me said...

What a good lookin' family! Lily is just precious, she has such a great smile... just like her mommy (and daddy too)! Hoping we can catch a pool party before the summer is over!!!!

Kelle said...

lily is so lucky to have family so close all the family pics. i love holiday pictures...the colors, the traditions and yes...the then & now. just think what next year's july 4th pics will bring! love the last pic!

Anonymous said...

How often can I say how proud I am of our family. Each and every one has a unique and endearing personality and I love them all so much. We SOOOO enjoy spending time together. It is truly a beautiful thing and I thank God every day for each one of them. We are truly blessed to have each other.

Anonymous said...

Great pics of the 4th Kelly. I miss the "slow moving herd." Thank you for the links helping me keep up to date with everything. Have a great vacation and see you all soon.