Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Doctor, Doctor

Hmmm, how should I put this lightly?

It's officialy....Lily does not like going to the doctor. She's usually been very happy go lucky at the doctor until the shots of course, but at her year checkup she was a little shakier than normal and then her 15 month checkup took the cake; actually if she had cake she would've thrown it at the doctor. She knew something was awry as soon as they called her name.

Our gig is up.

She's onto us.

She's onto the nurses.

She now looks at her doctor with an untrustful-I've-got-my-eye-on-you-at-all-times-don't-even-try-anything-fishy look.

She's putting it together. Doctor visits + shots = pain translating into Lily no likey!!

She holds onto us like koala bear not letting go and you'd think they put fire on the scale table because she sceamed her pretty little head off! She treats the doc's ear light like it's a fire hose and she almost hypervenilated when he checked out her sacral dimple (which is fine btw) Well, like they say, a picture is worth a thousand words...or tears!! (2 visits rolled in one)

But she's all smiles when it comes to her monthly picture which I'm going to try really hard to keep up with until she is 2. It's definitely a 2 person shoot because she likes to rock like her daddy in this chair almost trying to flip it at times. Thanks mom for your help with product placment (ie Lily)!

and her 4th of July pages for her book - so hard to be patient to touch and feel these pages until next year, but oh so worth it...


I seriously don't know how this summer could get any better with my sidekick with me around the clock and having so much fun doing nothing special and knowing how special that really is!
And an anniversary of sorts today...Lily's itty bitty embryo was implanted into me today 2 years ago...prompting me to write this post last year and we haven't been apart since! Profound! Imagine the irony when I found her playing with the SAME pregnancy stick that left us elated to find out we were pregnant with her!!
I thought this was a pretty profound picture until someone *coughallisoncough* :)said it might not be sanitary to be schnacking on a pregnancy stick, but I promise it was clean, sanitized and no small babies were harmed during the process. teehee

Life is Good!


Heidi said...

so funny! i love the crying pics. i don't like that she is sad, but crying pics are the best bc they are so real and in the moment.

some of my fave pics of peyton and becks are the ones where becks is crying hard at santa claus.

sweet little lily...goin' to the docs SUCKS. even for mommy and daddy...still.

LOVE LOVE the pic of her chewing on the pregger stick---opposite pee end:)

DGMommy said...

Poor Baby Lily:( (as she is still referred to in our house) Love the pics though and those glasses:)

Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a Blessing Lily-Pie is to us all:) We love her!!!

Jennifer said...

Wow, she is PISSED. I love the center picture!! Her expression seems to say "everyone in this room is out to get me, and I have HAD IT".

Happy anniversary to our 12 cell baby girl!! Today marks the day when the miracle of Lily Grace began. :))


Unknown said...

Your pics are great..even the ones where she has the saddies. NOt that I want her to be sad, but tehy are precious, none the less! OH MY GOODNESS, just read the July 14th post(s) ~2007 & 2008. WOW! I got chills reading them all over again!
Sweet L! She is soooo cute!

Anna Ruth said...

I don't like the doctors either. I wish I had something to hold while I get a shot. She is a lucky girl to have such caring parents.

jen said...

doctor fears always seem to come into play at this age ... no fear! our ped recommended (and maybe you are already doing this...) getting a doctor set and working on your baby dolls. A LOT. then have her bring her doctor set and her baby to the visits. and have her ped work on the baby doll first.
our doc was more than willing to do this. hope yours will be too! now my girls run in and jump into the chairs.
good luck!
don't you just feel like the luckiest mama in the summers? i do! those last few months of school are so hard ... and then you just get to flip this switch and be a full time mama for awhile. it's awesome.

jen said...

and i forgot to say! you in that hat at the doctor's office ... aren't you just the cutest thing ever??

jen said...

well ... it's a toss up between you and lily.
i'm done now.
bye! enjoy your day!

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