Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Lily Mermaid

Lily has been taking the ISR swim lessons all summer and progressing like a little fishy! ISR focuses on survival swimming and she has a great instructor who is SO patient, loving, knowledgeable and kind! She still has a few weeks left, but already is doing leaps and bounds from what she was doing when we started. It just blows my mind that what they can teach babies; even as young as 6 months old! Daddy surprised us coming along on this lesson and Lily was ALL smiles performing her tricks for her large audience of 2! She would come up for air and immediately look over at us for cheers and praise. I couldn't believe the look of pride on her face....ours too!!


How is our little 15 month old able to float better than me!?? She just hangs out like this floating like a buoy and holds her breath if there is a wave over her face or spits out the water like a spout resembling a whale's blowhole!

Here she is floating for 20 or so seconds unassisted by her instructor, Fernanda. Of course she's closeby, but Lily is doing it independently for minutes at a time and Fernanda says Lily could float unassisted for hours if needed. We are hyper-vigilant about keeping the pool gate locked at all times and our eyes are always on Lily, but these lessons are extra insurance and peace of mind she'll be safe in the off chance everyone always think will never ever happen! (they teach them to cry out for help like this too)

Here's a great informational video about the program on the news. Call Fernanda at 331-6915 if you're interested and tell her Mermaid Lily sent you!!

I think all these lessons are tiring out our little she is at Sam's taking a short rest on the hard metal cart while we wander the aisles. (taken on camera phone)Photobucket
She'll do this randomly throughout the day; she keeps her eyes open, but just decides to rest her head down somewhere or if we're at home she'll suddenly lay on her stomach in the shape of a star to take a little breather. Here she is at Gpa's house taking a short break in the middle of the room after a wild game of freeze dance with her cousins (and mom who memoralized MJ with the moonwalk)! Lily acted as the DJ and would turn the music on and off and squealed in delight like she knew she was in charge and had all the power in the game.

And Lily had a special visit from her new friend Calhan! Here Calhan is this time last year in Allison's belly in this adorable picture taken by Kelle:

and look what a difference a year makes!!
From middle school on, Allison and I were like sisters and used to sit around and talk about our future babies, our future husbands, our future houses, our future jobs, our future new last names and it's crazy neat to be doing that today for real, comparing our stories from 1986 where nothing is like we had dreamed, but even better!!

Life is Good!!


Kelle said...

i've been dying to see this video. laughed the first time i saw isr on good morning america and laughing again! amazing...why is it so funny to see someone so tiny floating so perfectly! awww, all those instincts rising to the surface. and love the pic of you with allison...calhan's so big!

Heidi said...

wow. that is amazing!!!!! her little face beaming with pride...precious.

what a big girl! i miss her.

love old friends...somethin' special 'bout 'em!

Grandpa said...

Why does Lily sleep so well? . . . and why is Lily always smiling and so good natured? . . . it’s because from you and David . . . Lily sees loving smiles and hears low voices . . . which calms all her fears and as she grows older by the day . . . will give her a level of confidence many adults only wish they possessed.

Two things in your Blog reinforce this for me . . . One is building Lily’s confidence thru her survival training and the other is your long-term friendship with Allison . . . this totally positive relationship with Allison contributed to your positive outlook on life that overcomes any temporary disappointments.

It’s fun having Lily in my life . . . and you too!

Love ya!
Dad & Grandpa

Mary said...

I have sooo many fond memories of you and Allison together. I always knew that she was JUST the kind of friend that you would just have a blast with in high school and remain life long friends. If I could have single handidly (sp?) chosen her, she would be the one. And now your lives are running in parallel and you are remaining close. It's a beautiful thing.

And Lily and her swimming lessons-how adorable and wonderful. Starting this early, she will always have this comfort around water. And you will have comfort knowing she has the skills. I love that you are doing this.

Can't wait to see you all!!! Love you more than you know.

Leah said...

Wow, that video of Lily in the pool is impressive! Gave me chills! Way to go Lils! She's so darn cute.

Leah said...

Wow, that video of Lily in the pool is impressive! Gave me chills! Way to go Lils! She's so darn cute.

Me said...

Nothing better than a dear friend! By the way... please don't tell me you are awake at 5 every morning?!?! Noticed the time on a comment you posted on Sam's blog - ouch!

Jennifer said...

While she never stops impressing me with the things she can do, she never surprises me.

If that makes any sense.

She is always just so amazing...and I think:




She is simply incredible!!

And...I HEART Allison as your friend. Always have...always will.


Anna Ruth said...

I'm shocked! She is such a quick learner. I can't wait to see all your pictures and videos. It makes me smile everytime.

Allison Brinkley, Dietitian said...

I am so happy that we can just jump right back where we left off when we talk or get together. You are one of my oldest and dearest friends. I have so many fun memories with you. You have made me who I am today. Some of my favorite memories are: baby powder fight in your room (what were we thinking), making dance music videos with Becky, shotgunning sprite, you trying to teach me how to drive, the red bridge road with Molly's car, De Oh, Time capsule, Steven your guard, Buddy's long tail, and there are so manymore. Remember we made long list of about 100 items that were our inside jokes...I have that somewhere. Will have to pull that one out! Love you! Ali Oh could I forget helping you with that project for Dr. Romeo at Okidata late night!

Cibele said...