Thursday, July 09, 2009


I don't know if she loves bubbles or Aunt Jennifer more...they're tied with love...

Lily doesn't know how to say yes yet and shakes her head "no" for everything! And I mean everything! Even if it's something she really wants, she'll shake her head no. I could show her a triple decker, ice cream cone with marshmallows on top, her mouth could be drooling out the side, but if I asked her if she wants some, then she'll shake her head no. If you ask her to say "yes" she confidently shakes her head no like she's doing it right. It's so cute!

Here Jen asks her to give her kisses (which she loves) and if she wants more bubbles (which she loves even more) and she says no to both even though she's chomping at the bit! If you listen, you can hear her say "bubbles" which is one of her favorite words to say.... since this video, Jen bought Lily the largest bubble machine I've ever seen and another vat of bubble juice that has a wand that seems bigger than a broomstick so we're having some fun with bubbles to say the least!

Little moments = lots of love! How am I so lucky to spend my life with this beautiful little soul? I feel like a continuous liar when people ask me my favorite age because it's always the same answer,

(insert current age) "THIS is my favorite age". 15 months. She's so much fun, interactive, independent, loves to play chase, horsey, is obsessed with peek-a-boo, loves to go for bike rides, wagon rides, be in the pool, or anything so she can be outside, she LOVES her new ball/ramp toy (thanks wy!), loves to chase balls like a cute puppy dog, she's snuggly, easygoing, loves to sleep, gives endless kisses and hugs, is always happy, curious, and boy can she smile!

Here she is doing some of her favorite things:

Thanks Frizzi family!! This has given us hours of memories!!! I think Julie bought this for Lily before she was even conceived!!!!

and a great find off of Craigslist; David picked it up and never even met the seller! Left it by the front door and D put $20 in his mailbox! How about that?

So the answer is THIS is my favorite age!!!! I really mean it this time! (until you ask me again in a month-teehee)

Life is Good!


jennygirl said...

Aunt Jennifer tied with bubbles??

Uhhhh, what??!!

I demand a recount.

Love these videos of her...SO MUCH!!!

and PS...every age will be your favorite, for about the next 18 years. :))


Kelly said...

I was trying to convey her love for's THAT deep!! It was an analogy, but after a careful recount you came out on top; especially after your last purchase!!

Trish said...

Ohhhhh, I love the blog, I may have to redo mine sometime soon so I can get those nice big pictures, if I only had the time! Trish

Anna Ruth said...

I love the new header, I never know what to expect from your blog. It's always creative! She is such a doll. It was nice seeing you two today.