Monday, July 13, 2009

Pretzel Thief

I swear Lily thinks she owns the joint when it comes to this house! She trapes around here like it's her own little playland moving from one center to the next. We're going to start making her pay her share of the mortgage. :) I was in the other room when I heard this REALLY loud rustling! I thought Charley was into something, but it was Lily digging around. Somehow she had gotten into the pantry(which I thought was closed), pulled out a bag of pretzels (which I thought was on a too high shelf) and was ready for a snack! I peeked around the corner and pulled the Flip out to spy. Love how she closes the pantry door then the end table drawer like a responsible homeowner cleaning up her digs. Take notice the tape measure at her feet which she trails around with her like Linus carries his blanket.

(must click out of google reader to view video-I think it's worth the 'out-click', but I could be bias)


I helped her with the clothespin, but then she dug in like she was a teenager not paying much attention to me! The bag is so big, her hand barely reaches the bottom. While eating, she let out an unexpected toot that made me (the grown up) laugh harder than Lily (the baby), lol

Life is Good!!


Stephanie said...

TOO cute! How can you ever say, "No" to that smiley girl!? That Initial smile/smirk of hers in the 1st video is like, "Uh oh I got busted!"

BTW I love your new header. That pic (top right) is TOO MUCH! :)

Anna Ruth said...

I love to hear your stories. Lily is such a doll.

Kelle said...

laughing hard at her closing the pantry door and then the end table drawer...far cry from our home. do we have a little david? lily would die at my kitchen right now. seriously. kudos on the toot, lil. and, fyi...the answer to the target/walmart question is always target. so good to see her again yesterday! her smile is so happy!

Tisha said...

those are so cute! love the blog header!

Jessica said...

So cute! Such a big girl now!!! :) She is just her!

Heidi said...

oh my gosh...the pretzel video is sooo stinkin' cute. my favorite part is how she firmly shut the drawer before heading over for some help with the bag. i miss that little one. i want to give her a big squeeze!!!

love the hat too!!!

Rayna said...

Moving into toddler-hood is so much fun. Man was she determined to get those pretzels. Love the new header too. Glad to be home hanging out again.

Leah said...

oh my gosh that was too cute! i laughed out loud at the toot one because she looked right at you after she did it! and to hear your laugh cracks me up!!

Naples Avon Lady said...

Now the REAL fun begins! :)

Mary said...

This is a tough call, but I'm afraid this is my favorite video. She looks so blasted proud of herself to have pulled off that maneuver! OMG! Then the toot at the end is the capper. Love it, love it!!!!

Jennifer said...

She soooo acts like she owns the place!!

She must make her Daddy so proud, closing all the doors behind her. I bet returning phones to their chargers is next. ;)

Her smirk when you bust her with the pretzels is the best!!

Love that girl!!!