Friday, June 26, 2009

Scrap Attack

Sure is easy to stay on top of Lily's scrapbook being home for summer...lucky for me Lily likes to sleep so that is my time to play :)


And our Hyatt pages...I want to buy a second home at the Hyatt when I grow up :)

notice my hat from md? I think I have worn it everyday this summer except not to bed :)

I had a gift card to go here so I thought I'd surprise David for Father's Day and boy was he ever! He's usually the first to see any pictures of Lily and it was so hard to keep these a surprise; here's one spread they did (in Lainey's adorable dress). They gave me the 85 jpegs which is a digital scrapbookers dream come true! I think she's showing off her bracelet too!

My FAVORITE walking video of Lily from about a month ago. When she first started walking, she did just 1-2 steps for a few weeks, but then did significant walking for the first time around the entire family in WPB. It was so exciting for everyone; especially the kiddos. I think she was holding out until she had a larger audience. Now she's zipping everywhere and never crawls which still amazes me. I don't miss the crawling as much as I thought I would because the walking is almost cuter and makes her look even smaller!!

may 23:

the frankenstein walk from same time:

oh and how I love her kisses. She doles them out on a regular basis and each time I can feel my heart melt down into my toes. She even kisses books now because she loves them so much! I ask myself everyday 'how did we get so lucky?" I know every parent feels that way about their child and it's neat to finally know for myself. I get it now.

Did I mention?

Life is Good!!


wylie said...

The pictures for D are amazing! I cannot believe how many you got and how beautiful little Lily looks! I love that visor too... I think Lily's fans should get one. Leah and I look good in visors:)

Heidi said...

aww. open mouth kisses are the best!

Jennifer said...

The way she walks now is so different than these videos...and every stage is just as precious. Pretty soon she'll be running across the yard, and you'll look back on videos from today (come on, I know ya took some)...and say "can you believe it...remember that baby?"

Keep documenting.

Keep remembering.

Keep celebrating every accomplishment of her life.

Keep cherishing her every moment, like I know you already do...every single day.

I love you as my sister, but I love you even deeper for the Mommy you are!!!


Anna Ruth said...

The black and white dress with the pink bow is just beautiful.

Tisha said...

love the collage! that dress is beautiful, i bet daddy loved his surprise. :) she just gets cuter and cuter!