Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day-Take 2

Summer makes it easy to have quick turnaround scrapbook pages! (props to Heids for the adorable hat that will always be associated with Father's Day now)Photobucket


Lily walking is still the most adorable thing ever and makes me weak in the knees! Cue JcPenny model Grandpa walking down the sidewalk holding her hand...had to grab a brown paper bag to stop the hypervenilating!!
I want to photoshop Douglas and Grace in this shot!!

Oh and how she is loved by these two! Add in a game of airplane and the smiles were from ear to ear...

and all the baby's daddys

other than me looking like I put my finger in a socket, I love this picture!!
I can feel the love in this picture...this is part of the "herd". We miss the rest of the herd!! (looks like Lily has her arms spread open wide when it's really Jen's other arm)

love, love, love, love this face!! I added salt and pepper the other day, but it's not edible! (Snapping fingers)

When will I ever get used to her walking??? Still stops me in my tracks!!

I think she's spreading her arms saying I love you people "this much"!! :)

I love these next 2 equally and couldn't decide which to post so I chose BOTH :)

(thanks David for your picture taking patience - I know how you love showing your pearly whites)[dripping with sarcasm]Photobucket

Where's Lily? A picture without Lily! (Gasp) Mommy and Daddy went out for date night and left Lily with more babysitters than I could count! People were lined up 'round the block like cattle to Lily-Sit her! I think at the last count, we had 11 sets of eyes watching her while we wined and dined the night away! Well, I don't like wine, but you get the point! Thank you to all 11 babysitters!! (plus Charley)


Life is Good!!


Kelle said...

She always looks happy in HUGE smile! Happy Father's Day to David...looks like everyone got lots of lovin' that day! Beauteous pics!

wylie said...

I love her walking! She looks so sturdy, no more wobbles, that girl is walking! Your date night picture is beautiful, I love the ensemble too, schnazzy!

Anna Ruth said...

I would have a hard time choosing pictures also. You are a scrapbook queen.

Heidi said...

aw...i remember that hat. bought it at art in the park in ann arbor, mi. this is why i love to see peyton things on lily...makes me remember little details of her life before she was little miss 15 year!

love the pics of lily and daddy and you two at the end.

happy father's day!!!!

Rayna said...

Fire Alarm mama and dad alert. Love it, and the hat on Lily is adorable. Your dad looks great too, so glad he is feeling better.

Cibele said...

lovely lovely pictures. Love her dress and your outfit.. hot mama!

Julie Frizzi said...

love that wally.xxxooo

Anonymous said...

Incredibly beautiful pictures of our family (minus this side of the state). They are all so COLORFUL!!! That dress on Lily is one of the cutest EVER. Seriously, it is one of the cutest ones she has.

Everyone looks so happy. I am so proud of my family. Just wish like heck I could be there during these times. I miss you all.

Grandpa said...

Father’s Day is always a special time for a lot of Dads . . . and it is for me too . . . but for me anyway . . . I find Father’s Day to be a little overrated.

Now why in the world would I say this? It’s because I’ve been blessed with three beautiful daughters . . . and I’m so very proud of you and your sisters Jennifer and Molly . . . and to me . . . every day “my girl’s” have been in my life has seemed like Father’s Day.

Now what more could a Father ask for? Nothing!

Love Ya!

Dad & Grandpa