Monday, June 15, 2009

May Milestones

Still cleaning out my drafts folders which is easy and fun, but if someone could come over and clean out our den closet (animals might be living in there) that would be a great plan!! I did some other closets hoping it'd inspire me to tackle the den closet, but not so much. I'm having nightmares. I digress.

Here are some milestones I jotted down...thanks to Allison who gave me the idea to keep a small calendar next to the couch to write down the little new things she does to remember when making her scrapbook pages. That has been such a great idea and helped to keep track of some of her milestones. (thanks to Kelle and Kim for these 2 great shots)

Are you kidding me with that smock? ("smock" is a fun word to say)Photobucket


We were rolling around the grass when she was showing off her body parts so Jen snapped and I put them into a collage...then I turned it into a scrapbook page...I'm trying to do some simple pages mixed in with some other pages with more embellishments. Whichever I do, it's addictive!!
...if I knew Jen was going to be snapping like crazy, I would've made sure her shirt matched her hat!! haha

Lily's teacher took this video and I can't think anything cuter! The last 5 seconds are priceless!!

This little one could take peek-a-boo all day and all night!!

Life is Good!!!!!!


Rayna said...

I love the page of all Lily's body parts, how adorable. And the video of her knowing that is was nap time...speechless.

Me said...

Kelly, Lily is so adorable. Such a happy little girl. Where does she go to school?

Kelle said...

Her laying her head down for bedtime? Sweet as pie! Jennygirl's been taking some beautiful shots! Love the body part ones! She looks too old! Where did little pie go?!
(checking blogs from middle of georgia feels very nice and close to home!)

wylie said...

Body parts collage is the fan favorite, it is so adorable! I just love the videos too, how great they took one at school for you, they are fantastic!

Jennifer said...

The "night-night" video??!!





I have watched it, I think, 8 times. Going back for more right now.

Love you Lily Grace!!

Cibele said...

LOVE LOVE the pics that she is pointing at her body parts, just priceless! and the video! OMG , so sweet!!!!!!!!!!

Anna Ruth said...

The picture of her painting with a flower is so cute. She looks so grown up. The pictures of the body parts is out of this world.