Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Deer Daddi,
Fwank yu fr reeding 2 me, senging selly sungs, teaching me funny dances, and picing me up wen I cri and telleing me it well bee okae. Yu mak mi hart smil evrydae. I luv wen yu cumm hohm frum wrk, plaeing peeekabu wif yur rms & lgs den gev me lotz ov hugs and kesses and tehl me hw mch yu missd me. Yur my most favritest daddi evr.
I wuv yu,
Lily Grace

i wuv u daddi. my life is gud bekaz ov yu.


Anna Ruth said...

I love the letter from Lily. So sweet!

Me said...

Lily you are already such a good writer! :)

Jennifer said...

dat culd be da sweetst tang evr!
(so darn cute, kelly!)

The Manrings said...

oh my goodness, those two pictures are priceless. i just love it!! what love she has for her daddy...beautiful!