Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Pray For Jonah

What a heartbreaking story! After a devastating loss last year having a stillborn baby, this couple got pregnant again and had no issues during pregnancy. Once he was born, they realized he had a rare skin condition called EB where any normal friction tears the skin off so badly that it acts like burns. He has "burns" all over him. They're treating him like a burn victim and having to change his dressings on a regular basis and he's in a lot of pain so he's on a constant morphine drip. I just can't stop praying for this family and I don't even know them personally. Please say a prayer for Jonah and his family!

Here's an article about the family on the front page of their local paper.

Here's her blog:

My heart is so heavy thinking about this family and their future with their baby when it should be the happiest time in their lives. Say prayers!


Tisha said...

oh that is so sad. thank you for sharing the story so more can pray.

Cibele said...

Oh no, I am so sorry. I will oray for litle Jonah

Steph C said...

How sad! I can't stop the tears. My thoughts, heart, and prayers will be with them for now on! How sad.

Anna Ruth said...

I have heard you talk about this family before. But seeing the pictures makes it real. Thank you for sharing. We are praying for Jonah and his family.