Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Almost There...

Can you freaking believe it? (props to David for the green grass)

I love her toes on her left foot!

(Thanks for the party hat Heids)

She turns 1 on April 4th! Tears filled my eyes as I looked through the window of my camera snapping this for her scrapbook! It'll be strange the first time someone asks me "how old is your daughter?" and I'll have to say "1"!! OMG!!

She's brought more love and joy into my little beating heart than I ever thought possible. I wish I could fully convey that to her with more than just hugs, kisses, and "I love yous", but will spend my life making sure she knows just how much! She's expanded my heart to love fuller, deeper and stronger! And it's so much fun doing it!

Life is good.


Anna Ruth said...

Oh, I love the picture. Beautiful girl on the beautiful grass:)

Me said...

Believe it or not, she's only going to get better! So much fun the "second" year.

Leah said...

That is an awesome picture!! LOVE the toes too!

Jennifer said...

WOW!! That picture is



Can't wait to celebrate the first year since she has come into our lives!!!


Kelle said...

oh, i can't believe her bday's almost here! she looks like a babydoll in this picture! love the the dress! love the pic! happy almost birthday lilpie!

Tisha said...

aww what a big girl! i swear you blink and bam! they are these little almost toddlers.

nice grass!

Mary said...

What a journey you are just starting on - to love this little being more than you ever thought you had the capacity for.

I was lucky enough to do it 3 times. It makes for a beautiful life, no matter whatever else happens.

That picture, with the colors and the grass and her wittle two front teeth, is, of course, priceless!!!

sara said...

Such a cute photo and I have to is very good!

Amy said...

How much fun! I love that you have green grass and looks divinely warm!!!

What a doll!! I just wrote on my blog about how this time comes and goes quickly! Glad you have lots of pictures to share!!

The Manrings said...

oh what a beautiful picture of a beautiful birthday girl. love her colorful dress and festive hat too. can't believe how fast a year goes by did it all happen so quickly and so wonderfully? happy almost birthday!!!!!!

Heidi said...

can not believe how much she has changed in one short year!!!

love that little face of hers!

can't wait to celebtrate the big ONE!

Steph C said...

Love the picture:) I really can't believe it either Kelly! One-year-old! Love her and can't wait to celebrate her amazing first year!xoxo

Delenn said... much she has grown!

I can't wait to see birthday pictures!

dig this chick said...

oh holy shit I love that photo! Sweet chicken.

Somewhat Ordinary said...

The album is gorgeous!! I know you sent me an e-mail with the digital scrapbook program you use. Can you re-send?? somewhatordinary at gmail dot com