Tuesday, March 24, 2009

It's a wrap...

Wiping the sweat off of my brow! Working full-time, managing life's daily grind, and staying on top of this book has been such a challenge! I've set my alarm early, scrapbooked through tired eyes while on the pump, stayed up late, skipped my beloved naps, received lectures about too much time on the computer, (wink to D) and thought about this book in the car more than I listen to the radio!! JUST HIT PRINT and will wait by my front door for UPS man/woman to arrive with this nugget of gold that has been my blood, sweat and tears the last year. When it arrives, it'll be like my heart arrives with a big giant bow summarizing the best year of our life.

2nd to last page in her book...this is Kelle's signature shot and let us be honorees too! Thanks to Steph for the cute socks and Kelle for the heels. Kelle did a spinoff to this shot with Skye, Bailey and Lainey. Prepping for this shot was like getting ready for prom where wardrobes were discussed, clothes were flying, backdrops installed and everyone was running around frantically excited about all the poses Kelle could come up with! Lily was fussy, ready for a nap, not wanting to sit and smile for the camera...until Kelle pulled out the ultimate prop that Lily had never seen or tasted before....

Her March milestones

This'll be the last page in the book; it's one of my favorites for its meaning and simplicity!! Thank you to Kelle Hampton for capturing our love for our Lily!!

Our entire year can be summarized in 3 little words that aren't little at all...


Don't tell Lily, but I took her year picture a week early so it'd be in her first year book....here's our little miracle in the last year...


The back cover of the 12x12 book...

To see the book in its entirety, click here:

Life is Good!


Anna Ruth said...

Oh, My! I love the pictures of her every month in the chair with the bear. Where did time go. She is so lucky to have you and David as her parents.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly,

I've been reading your blog for a while (you were several weeks 'ahead' of me while I was pregnant) but this is the first time I am commenting. Congratulations on Lily's birthday - such an amazing milestone! My girls just turned one a few weeks ago (even thought I was 'behind' pregnancy-wise, they were born 9 weeks early - so we are 'ahead' birthday-wise;) - so I know how amazing it feels!

YOu all seem like such a wonderful family and Lily is so lucky to have you as parents!


dig this chick said...

Awe, Kelly, What an amazing tribute to your girl. Nice job, sister. My favorite? Our entire year can be summarized in 3 little words that aren't little at all...

Made me teary.


Unknown said...

SWEET, SWEET pages! And, I took a "sneak peek" @ the book. It is totally AMAZING! You did such a nice job...I can't imagine the number of hours you spent on it, BUT it is so well worth the time and effort! What a magnificent keepsake for Lily to have!!

Heidi said...

i can't b the time is here for lily's first year birthday!!! time literally FLEW by us.

the book is beautiful. she will tresure it forever. can't wait for book two...lol!

Kelle said...

Cannot wait to hold this book and look all the way through it! Your heart's gunna skip a beat when it arrives...I'll never forget the day I brought Lainey's book to CPK with you and Katie the day I got it...Lily was like three weeks then...remember?!
Still laughing at the "I am three months old today" picture because...seriously. That's a doll, and you know it. 'fess up.

Sarah said...

I have been following your blog for months...the book is amazing...I wish I had done this for my Claire. Lily is absolutely darling!

manringmemories said...

oh my....your one year book is beautiful and i could just feel the love you put into making it. what an accomplishment. hope little lily's first birthday is everything special just like her!!

Leah said...

Awesome, Awesome, Awesome Kelly! Love your pages! You are SO good at that! So creative. I especially like the page with the 12 boxes of Lily each month!! Such a great idea! Leah

sara said...

That is such a beautiful thing to do. Your photos are gorgeous and what a great thing to have :-)

Cibele said...

OMG, OMG, very impressive. You should be so proud of yourself for putting this together for your baby. The book is breathtaking because of your hard work but mostly because of the gorgeous girl and family you have. Congratulations

Tisha said...


Those last few pages, there are no words.

congrats on being a full time mommy and finishing your book on time!! that is a HUGE accomplishment!

Lindsay said...

I just found your blog and WOW, that book is so awesome!! Lily is such a cutie pie and is so lucky to have such loving parents. How did you do it? I would love to try to make something like that for my babies but I can't imagine how much time it took. I love it!!

Mary said...

It's hard to grasp how fast a year can go. When I hear you say "happiest year of my life" my heart is warm with happiness that my baby is so happy. Lily is the most beautiful miracles of all miracles. The pictures that capture her sweetness make me melt.
She is happy, you are happy, and all of your family is happy because of this new member of our family. What could be better?

Connie said...

I am speechless! It is all so beautiful! You did a great job!

anna said...

your book looks awesome- good work, mama! Can you believe our babes are almost a year old?!?! Crazy!!! Your little sweetie is so beautiful!

Jennifer said...

The book is incredible.

You are an incredible Mommy for making it for her.

I know you pored over every picture, agonized over every graphic and color scheme, wrote and re-wrote every line in that book...and then spent even more time on just the right font.

It is perfect, Kelly.


Mom always told us "you don't have to be perfect"...

but this time you were.

A perfect First Year book for the most perfect baby in the world for you and david.

For all of us.

Oh, I LOVE her!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Ok...you know I already love the album...and I just finished reading all the comments...and now I love your family. Your sister's comments made me cry!

These memories are precious to so many...you did good girl...you did good! Did you get the dress yet?
Hear the announcer speaking.....AND THIS AWARD GOES TO........
Let that play in your mind when the book arrives! You deserve it!


Steph C said...

Can't wait to see the book done! I know it will be amazing! I can't believe it has a been a year. A wonderful year of Lily Grace. Looking forward to her birthday:)