Sunday, March 08, 2009

Guess Where We Went Yesterday?

Her first trip to the zoo! Had to scrap it quickly because the book will be ordered in just a few days! I'm so nervous to hit "publish" because there's no turning back. Also, we won't be able to make anymore memories between then and her bday bc it won't be in her first year book! ha ha

I also redid her Mother's Day page because I didn't "love-love" the earlier version.

And what is a book without some Lainey Love and Nanny K? The 3 of them have such a beautiful bond that is leaving heartprints on Lily forever! Mommy too!

Just found these in my drafts from OCTOBER!!!

...we're cleaning house people! The printers are breathing down my neck!

We took the wagon the park for a walk and Lily thought she was in a parade.

I have more video than I have blog space to post! I know her future self will be so happy to have these treasured videos! Even if they're only 30 seconds, it gives such a real life glimpse at her energy and spirit she has down to her cute little toes. It's also a great way for faraway friends and family to bond with our miracle. If I haven't raved enough about it, I just love The Flip video camera because it allows you to capture and upload with such ease!! I could go on the road to campaign and sell these by the truckloads!!

Life is Good!


Jennifer said...

I can't wait to see the book in person...when we can hold it in our hands and actually turn the pages!!!

I can't belieeeeeve those newborn pics of her!! So little and squishy, and now she is nearly walking.

LOVE her!!

Connie said...

OMG...those scrap pages are beautiful!

I thought I recognized your beautiful baby from another blog I read! How funny!

Julie Frizzi said...

My favorite pic is of her in the pink outfit in grass....

Cibele said...

OMG, this is just incredible, each page is just gorgeous!

Tisha said...

i LOVE the pages! i don't know how you have kept up with the book being a full time working mommy!

pats on the back and a gold star for you!

The Manrings said...

hi Kelly, your scrapbook pages are beautiful...very inspiring....especially as the first year birthday is only around the corner. wow! it was nice seeing you at the park the other morning.

Kelle said...

cannot wait to hold and feel this book! do we need to sign up for who gets to hold it at her party? or you could get one of those little paper pull-out machines. now serving #1. can i be 1?