Saturday, March 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Madeline!

I'm not sure if I've mentioned Madeline on this blog, but she is a very special girl that I don't know personally, but feel like I do through her daddy's blog. Kelle found her blog through another blog, through another blog, thought another blog, etc. He blogs all about her like the proud papa that he is.

If you don't know his story click here:

If you know his story and have a box of tissues close by, click here: (turn on speakers)

Madeline is just a week or so older than Lily and is a daily reminder to be thankful for what we have on this precious earth.

Life is Good!


Heidi said...

happy birthday maddy!!!

those pictures and that video...that video is amazing!

maddy is lucky to have her daddy! i can't b it has been a year. her mommy would be so proud of her!

Unknown said...

I have read their story before...I can't even imagine! What a special daddy, and a precious 'lil girl. The video is so sweet & spectacular. Chills. LOVE IT.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to sweet Maddy! Thanks for sharing, Kelly!