Thursday, October 09, 2008

Girl of Many Hats...

This is a post I just found in my drafts from 8/11. The pictures are outdated, but oh so cute!! I was going through her hats trying to figure out which ones fit her and which ones didn't. As I put each one on her, I couldn't believe how much it changed her entire look. I felt like I was putting a wig on her and she'd go from Madonna to Cher in an instant. Some fit great. Some were too big. Some were too small. She was like Goldilocks looking for just the right hat. So I decided to snap away.
Little did I know, I'd have so many pictures.

WARNING! Many pictures to follow!!
Enjoy the tranformation baby...

She looks like a different baby in each hat!! I know that was a lot to digest! I warned you. Maybe that's why it took me 2 months to post it!! Amazes me how different of a baby she is just 2 months later. She looks so different and she doesn't eat her fingers like that anymore which I loved!! She's sitting up now with some assistance and more fun everyday.

Everyone tells me to enjoy every minute, they grow up so fast, not to fast forward her little life, etc and I find that's easy to do. Easy not to fast forward. Easy to enjoy every little minute. I don't fast forward with the "I can't wait until she..." because I literally can not envision it. I could never envision her rolling over, sitting up and now she's doing it. Crawling? I can't imagine that ever happening. I don't think it will. Doesn't process in my brain. Short circuits. I picture her still sitting in a high chair babbling and drooling in kindergarten. Yet, it seems to happen ever so slightly and oh so subtle. I'm always surprised when she doesn't fit into something that used to swim on her. It just doesn't compute with me. I blame it on the high heat in the dryer that shrunk her clothes.

I'd be happy if she stayed 6 months for the rest of her life because it's so much fun to be with her, play with her, talk to her, watch her and then I look at Lainey or AJ who are just a wee bit older than her and all that they're doing. My screen goes black. I can't believe there's more to come. I can't picture her ever doing any of those things. I'm not fast forwarding, but when I peek at the future through other babies, it blows my mind.

But, this whole having a baby that's ours still boggles my mind. Still waiting for it to sink in.

Still shocks me when she's talking in the backseat while I'm driving

or babbling in the bathtub

or talking to herself in the mirror

or as I pump in the car while going through Dunkin' Donuts drive through

or she's sitting in her highchair batting at toys while I'm cooking dinner

or when she's sleeping soundly in her crib while I'm downstairs doing laundry

or when I'm driving/racing to get her from the amazing Nanny K's house

or when I'm packing her diaper bag

or when she's wailing in the backseat while I'm trying to talk on the phone

or when we're reading her books

or when I'm pulling out the stroller from the trunk to go into Target.

The daily mundane stuff.

I stop and think how amazing it all is. How it all transpired. How we worked so hard to get to this point to have this little life. How painful it all was. Sometimes it feels like it never happened. I can't remember life without Lily, much less all that we went through. I have to remind myself sometimes. Then I sit in awe of it all. Leaves me speechless. Stops me in my tracks. I stop and stare. It's like I'm watching someone else's life from above in a helicopter. Then I realize it's me. I'm the mom. I'm the role model. I'm the one who needs to step up my game for her. I'm the one living this dream. I get to spend my days with this really cool person and call her mine.










How did we get so lucky? What lottery did we enter to win all this? No matter how many times the stock market crashes & re-crashes then hits a "new low" and no matter how much it costs to fill up my gas tank and no matter how insecure this economy is, I just keep reminding myself that we have Lily and it helps to put everything into perspective. She's the best stock we ever put our money in.

The dividends are endless.

As Dig this Chick would say, I want to "kiss the universe" in thanks!!

Life is good.


Kelle said...

Love the hat pictures. Ha ha the ones where her eyes are HUGE! and love how blessed you feel and that it doesn't sink in. Guess what? I'm a year ahead of you and it hasn't gone away. Christmas morning, baby...every single day. xoxo

Kara said...

As always, Miss Lily is OH SO PRECIOUS in those hats! I love the big floppy ones that make her look like Thumbelina! :) How precious!

Steph C said...

I love all the hats! I love the blue and white striped one. She is just so cute and yes you are lucky to have her she is just an angel truly she is Kelly! But she is so lucky to have you and D too! Life is Good!

Julie Frizzi said...

I don't think I have had that many hats in a life time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUnny Mommy.....

Samantha said...

That brought tears to my eyes (okay so I am a little emotional)! I can't imagine your life before Lily either. She has fit so perfectly into your lives that it seems she has always been here! She is so adorable!

Heidi said...

LILY pie in HATS!!!! Is their a saying that goes, "Let them wear hats!!!"

No, maybe it is, "Let them eat cake!!!" regardless, that made-up heidi hat quote is what entered my mind when i scrolled through them all.

She look beautiful in ALL the hats. maybe she should be a hat model. own a hat store. design her own hats...that is how well she wears them!!!!:)

love her!

jen said...

wow...6 months and more hats than i've had in my lifetime!
(and she's cute to boot!)

by the way...i just tagged you for a fun photo meme on my blog.
it's all about a picture and a are good at those!