Friday, October 17, 2008


This is Kelle...Kelly's friend...and I'm hacking into Kelly's blog because...TODAY IS HER BIRTHDAY!!!! LEAVE THIS BEAUTIFUL, INCREDIBLE WIFE/MOMMY/FRIEND/SISTER SOME BIRTHDAY LOVE, would ya?!

She'll hate me for doing this, but then again, I take care of her baby, so she can't be too mad at me.

Leave Kelly a comment because, as we all know, WE WOULDN'T BE THE SAME WITHOUT KNOWING HER!!! My heart loves bigger because of you, Kelly!

And, because her being mad at me would mostly be because I took away from the last cute pics of Lily she posted (make sure you see them!!!)'s some more.

Happy Birthday, my beautiful, wonderful, loving friend!!!


hey, lily...if you love your mom, clap your feet...


Anonymous said...

Hey Kelly we all know this will be your best birthday ever! Happy Birthday!!

Love ya!!

(great pics Kelle!!)

Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday, sister.

Thank you for allowing me to take care of Lily tonight during your birthday dinner. I feel honored to be there for her while her parents enjoy each other and celebrate her ever so special Mommy.

And breathing in her sweet skin tonight...oh, it made my heart skip a beat.

I love her so, and I marvel at the Mommy you already are. Lily is blessed beyond words.

I love you.

Tisha said...

happy birthday kelly!!!!

Heidi said...

i love you my special friend. i know you had a sweet birthday at the MP!!!!!

i know i am a better person for knowing teach me so much and i know i am lucky to have you in my life!!!

love what kind of daughter you are, sister you are, mother you are, and especially the kind of friend you are...

ps thank you for having lily who is so much like happy, so smiley, so positive, so many things that i cherish.


Delenn said...

Happy Birthday, Kelly!! Hope you had a wonderful birthday--wow, its so cool to have it land on the weekend, eh?!? I hope you got to be pampered by everyone, and got some extra snuggles from Lily!

Kara said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Kelly! I hope it was as wonderful as you are! :)

Steph C said...

Yes you are loved by all! Happy Birthday! We are all better for knowing you! xoxox

donna said...

love your blog! Love your baby! Love you! Too much fun w/ you last night! You and your friends (and awsome sister) know how to have a good time!!!!!!

Julie Frizzi said...

Kel-Kel...........Happy Birthday!!! I know you have the best gift ever which is Lily.....Enjoy it all......XOXOXO Julie

jen said...

hope you had a wonderful birthday!
what sweet friends you have.

Mary said...

What do I say to my beautiful daughter - seeing her as happy as she is makes my heart filled with contentment and happiness. It is such a beautiful thing and I thank God every day for her and her two sisters.

Kelly, I am very proud of who you are.

Rayna said...

Hope you had a wonderful birthday, and were loved by all even more so on this special day. Thank you for being a wonderful friend. Love you!

Rayna said...

Hope you had a wonderful birthday, and were loved by all even more so on this special day. Thank you for being a wonderful friend. Love you!

DGMommy said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!!

You are a one of a kind and anyone who gets the chance to know you are the better for it!! I know I am:)

Can't wait to see you and Lily this weekend (David too:) It is going to be a beautiful moment when she is baptized. Many, many prayers have been answered!! Love you!!!!

Heidi said...

how did you get the word veri off????

Carin said...

happy birthday, kelly!
I am so glad you are in my life, however peripheral it may be...I cannot even tell you how your positivity has influenced my life.

you're an inspiration to me and obviously, many others.

hope your day was fabulous.

I. Love. You.

Samantha said...

Happy birthday Kelly!!! You are such an amazing friend and mother. You are loved by so many. I hope this birthday was one of the best ones because you had beautiful Lily Pie to share it with. Love you!