Friday, August 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Daddy!


Dear Daddy,

Mommy said it was your birthday today and that makes me so excited. I can't wait to eat birthday cake and watch you open your presents. I hope you have a happy day and know how much I love you even though I can't talk yet. I try to show you everyday by being a really nice baby, give you good burps like you like, sleep really good, laugh a lot and smile really big when you walk into a room because I know how happy that makes you.

You are such a good daddy to me because you always want to spend time with me, tickle me, give me fun baths, go swimming with me, feed me, read me books, call me funny nicknames, talk to me in silly voices and take me for long walks.

I love being with you because I always feel so loved no matter what we're doing. Happy birthday daddy. I know you waited and prayed for me for a long time; I think this will be your best birthday ever because we're finally together!

Lily Grace (aka "Little Person")

I also like when you pretend like I'm a boxer when I'm in my bath towel and announce "in this corner-weighing in at 14lbs..." and say funny things about me. It always makes me laugh. Mommy too.

I love when you read books to me and use silly voices. I'm sorry that you hurt your right elbow from carrying me. I think your arm brace you have to wear is kind of cute.

Aren't you proud of me that I voted today? (see my sticker)

I love when you call me "Little Person". I sure look little in this picture. It was kind of hot outside in my long sleeve shirt, but wanted to get just the right shot using good lighting like Nanny K taught mommy.

Mommy is a counselor so I know it's good to say nice things about myself and be confident. I think I'm pretty cute, but not in the braggy way. What do you think daddy?


Oh and btw, I'm trying really hard to say "Da-Da" like we've been practicing, but don't get your feelings hurt if I say "Ma-Ma" first because she and I have been training a little harder on the side. ;)

I love you daddy!

Thank you for always filling up my love cup.
Mommy's too! ;) xoxo


Mary said...

What a tribute to the greatest dad!!! Those pictures are PRICELESS!!!! Especially the reading one. Can't express how happy I am that you are all so happy and content!


Kelle said...

Oh, I love these so much! Had to go back and look at each one. I love the towel one 'cuz she's lookin' at you like, "get out of my face with that camera...please" (Lily would so say please). And in the bumbo ones, well, she just looks so big. Nanny K is so proud! I'm glad my custody rights are going to be honored soon. Otherwise, I would be takin' it to Judge Judy! Happy B-day to David. Aren't good daddies hot? (That's right, D. I know you're reading this. That's my birthday present to're a good, hot daddy). Have a fun birthday week!

Heidi said...

What an amazing post Lil Lil!!! Your mommy sure did teach you how to write a SWEET blog post. I can see how much you love the man in your life. I love the picture of you in the Bumbo in 'good lighting' look sooo tiny!!!! LOVE the book picture too!!! You look so happy to be in daddy's arms. I love you lily.


Steph C said...

Happy Birthday David! What a great birthday with your perfect family. Lily is very lucky to have a such a great daddy! So cute I love the picture of her in the bath towel. She is just heaven Kelle truly heaven! I just love her.

Unknown said...

Happy belated b-day, "birthday buddy" (we have the same b-day). LOVE these pics of Lily Pie! So adorable!! Hope you had a fabulous day!

Unknown said...

Happy belated b-day, "birthday buddy" (we have the same b-day). LOVE these pics of Lily Pie! So adorable!! Hope you had a fabulous day!

Julie Frizzi said...

David's Parents must be reading this and melting seeing their handsome son in love with this "little person"... so cute.

Janet said...


Your blog is so beautiful! Your pictures are amazing!

Happy birthday to your husband- Lily looks a lot like him!

Janet and Noah

Tisha said...

such sweet pictures!

also - just wanted to let you know i'm thinking about you and lily on your first day at school and lily's first day with her bff LL.

Kelly Hutcheson said...


I love the shirt! Daddy thinks you have extraordinary writing skills for your age. You probably learned a lot from mommy b/c she was a teacher. :) I had a wonderful birthday and you’re right, it was the best birthday ever because you are finally here! Even though you can’t talk, your smiles and laughter say a thousand words. While I can’t begin to tell you all that you mean to our family, I can tell you that both mommy and daddy are better people because of you. We love you.


PS: Pay no attention to Nanny K. She had sipped a little too much sauce before writing that last comment.

jen said...

happy (belated) birthday to lily's daddy! i love your response...too funny.

also...i have a bloggy party invitation for y'all at my house...c'mon over to check it out! thank you for inspiring me to enjoy all the minutes with my little ones.

Kara said...

How can she possibly be getting so big already? Isn't it amazing how quickly they grow...and how smart she is to write such a beautiful post to her daddy! Great job Lily! Of course, all teacher's kids are the smartest kids around! :) Tell your mommy to call or email me sometime and maybe we can get together! :)