Thursday, August 07, 2008

Lily Pie

Someone whose name rhymes with silly loves her Baby Bjorn! It's like we gave her Tylenol PM after being in this for a few minutes as she usually falls asleep... no matter how bouncy the ride is!



She looks like she's either going to a hip hop dance, join a gang or go to the gym in this outfit! I can't get over what a happy baby she is!!

Don't worry...I was close by for this picture so she didn't roll off, but I just couldn't get over how small she looked asleep on the big couch!

Do you read multiple blogs per day? If so, plug them all into the "Google Reader" and they will monitor them all and let you know when there is a new post! This has been a HUGE timesaver for me because I don't have to check every blog I read to see if there is a new post. Thanks Jen for finding this timesaving lifesaver for my blogging life!!

I haven't talked about going back to work on the blog because I think a part of me is in denial (big time!) and it seems so far away, but September is starting to creep up on me!! It causes me a lot of stress (tears, lost sleep, denial, etc) to think about being away from Lily when I'm back to work and I'm trying to focus on the present and not fast forward too much.

Good news is I just found out this week that Kelle wants to watch Lily this year!!!! That makes my heart SO happy to know how loved she is by Kelle already and she'll be marinating in this love everyday! Not to mention her daughter Lainey is such an incredibly sweet girl and an awesome role model for Lily!! It'll still be incredibly difficult to be away from Lily, but this helps to soften the blow tremendously!! What a blessing that someone who is like family will be with Lily everyday!! Happy (and scared) sigh.

PS There is an highly sought after opening at our previous planned sitter's house who is INCREDIBLE! She came HIGHLY recommended by so many people and is extremely caring and loving. She treats her babies/kids as her own. I taught her daughter years ago and she is such a sweetie! Email me if you know anyone interested at won't be disappointed with Dawn!

David, Lily and I are off to the Hyatt this weekend! This was Lily's gift to me on Mother's Day. I can't wait as this is my favorite place on earth!! I love everything about it!! Especially the short drive home on Sunday!! I would've chosen to go there on our honeymoon if I knew about it 7 years ago....that's how much I love it! I'm sure I'll have lots of pictures when we return! Lily also bought me a massage for when we're there so that should be heavenly!! Carrying her and that awkward carseat can really twist things up in my neck/back. She's so thoughtful! ;)


dig this chick said...

Oh shit. You are so lucky. That is so awesome that your great pal will watch your girl. SO amazing. I know you know it, but I really know it having recently taken my girl to daycare a few hours a week with peops I know very little. See how I need that qualifier with the "few hours a week" bit? It is hard stuff.

Sure it will still be hard for you to not know what she is doing every minute of the day but one thing that was true for me (after getting out of my head) is that it really was harder for me than bug...she actually totally digs it. I know Lily will love being with Lainey and Kelle.

Enjoy the last bit of your leave! A massage at the Hyatt sounds like a great start.

Kelle said...

'member all that stuff i said the other night over beers and tears? yeah...all that same stuff again. thank you for going into the "battleground" while i stay. she is safe and loved. i was there, baby...i saw her born and reborn. that does somethin' to ya, ya know? there's a heartstring she has with me, and i'm the lucky one for getting to be with her during the day. yup. i promise...she's in good hands. oh...and lainey's lucky too.

Heidi said...

so happy that you have the security in knowing that Lily will be so well taken care of, and so much more, when you go back:):) How blessed you are to have that. Kelle is sooooo lucky too, as she gets to watch the magic between two little girls grow together each day.

I know it will all be well documented, too!!!!

love you. i know this is tough, but what a perfect 'cushion' this is.

love ya

An Urban Story said...

Lily is such a good dresser!
She is so cute.


jen said...

what a lucky mama you are...
having a really good friend that will watch your little one while you go back to work.
i've been there. i'm gonna be there again soon too. the end of summer break is much too near. sad thoughts about bringing the girly-girls back to daycare...we'll all get through it together? (along with some more of the bloggy world!)
good luck to you...if you need any hints for those first few days...i'm willing to confess what has worked for me!

Steph C said...

She is so precious and yes so happy! I am so happy for you that Kelle is going to watch her! That is so amazing and such a relief! Kelle is honestly the next best thing other than you being with her! I know how you feel as I can't even think or talk about Jan. But Lily is in the best hands with Kelle and Lainey and I will be with her a lot during the day too while I am home:) Hope your weekend was awesome:) Can't wait to hear all about it!