Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Polls are Open!!

Need your help!! We're going to enlarge a picture of Lily for her nursery, but can't decide from all the goodies that have been taken; especially from the ones Kelle has taken!! It's going to be super big!! Please comment or email me ( which one you think we should choose!! We could've chosen a million more for the "playoffs", but here are some we're choosing from. This is harder than picking out names!!

There are no ties, but you can rank them if it's too hard to choose just one. I may order a few large prints and rotate them in the frame.

(avoid reading the comments first because you may be swayed) :)

The number/title is above each picture....

Picture #1: Lily Grace

Picture 2: Miracle

Picture #3: Bonnet Baby

Picture #4: Looking Up

Picture #5: Close Up

Picture #6: Present

Picture #7: Lily Pie

Picture #8: Cherries

Picture #9: Blueberries


Rayna said...

Hands Down Cherries!!!!

Rayna said...
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Unknown said...

TOO CUTE...hard to choose. I LOVE
pic #1...there's something about that I just love!! :o)

Andrea said...

I choose #2 and #8. By the way, I look at your blog all the time and Lily is by far the most beautiful baby I have ever seen. What a blessing you have!

Kelle said...

you know my vote. #2 is defintely my favorite!!! And it would look best in her room too, I think. Can't wait to see it blown 'bout life size? hee hee

Kara said...

I vote for #2 (miracle) and #6 (present)! I like the cherries one, too - but if I remember correctly, it would clash with the colors in her room...but the face in that one is just priceless! Here's another idea (feel free to take it or leave it - either way, I don't mind!)...print all 9 in 8x10 black & whites (maybe with a few accent colors like the present one)and make a collage on her wall (tic tac toe style)! :)

Good luck choosing! :)

Jennifer said...

The first 4 are my all time favorite pictures of her...and "Miracle" gets my vote for the nursery.

I also like the idea of developing the other 3 (which might not match the nursery exactly) in black and white, or a mixture of color/black and white.

She is so gorgeous!!!!!!

jen said...

i would have a hard time i'll give my top 3 (in no particular order...other than numerical)!
#1...because that smile is to die for. you'll want to remember that forever!
#2...because it is just so casual and happy. a "just lily" kind of a picture of her...
#5...because you will never want to forget that baby face. i love the closeup pictures of my girls that show me exactly how they looked when i would look down at them in the middle of the night so early on in their lives.

donna said...

# 4! Love it!!!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE # 2

Donna (bbc)

dig this chick said...

I vote for #1, Lily Grace!

Heidi said...

1, 3, 6, 8, 9 hope this helps...they are ALL wall worthy-how do you choose???? love them all!!!!!!!

Heidi said...

5 is amazing too!!!

Heidi said...

...and #4

Anonymous said...

picture number ONE!!! so pretty

DGMommy said...

#7, #1, and #2 in that order! They are all so beautiful and show her fabulous personality! Which ever one you choose will look great in her gorgeous nursery!!!
Miss you! Miss Lily!!!

Hope to see you all soon!!!

Allison said...

Pic number eight!!

Allison said...

Pic number eight!!

MtnGirl said...

3 Bonnet Baby
6 Present
9 Blueberries
8 Cherries

are my choices. They are ALL cute!

Delenn said...

Oh, this is sooo hard!!

I like blueberries the best; then cherries; and then present.

Wonderful pictures all!

Carin said...


Jessica said...

They are of course, all winners!!! :) that I am getting an eye for photography (ha!)...I would go with #1. It seems to be the sharpest. Some of the others are a bit too soft. They are adorable though!! :)

Tisha said...

talk about tough decision, but as a HUGE blown up one i'd say 2 or 7.

Samantha said...

Are you serious? You can't go worng with any of them!!! They are amazing. I narrowed it dow to three: 1, 6, 8.

Steph C said...

My vote is 2! Miracle all the way. Love it to pieces! They are all unreal but number 2!