Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Time Machine

I don't know about you, but Lily sure had fun in her time machine!

Here's what she would look like if she was around in 1956


She is really creative with her hairstyles in 1962

What beautiful hair she had in the year I was born; 1974

WOW! She had some crazy days in 1978

Lily, love you and all, but ever heard of a pik in 1980. I think I see one in the back.

She must've spent a lot of money on hairspray in 1984. She's going to jazzercise after this photo was taken in her legwarmers (not pictured).

I like what she's doing with her bangs in 2000; little too much poof, but they're very even.

I really could've done this all day with pictures of Lily and others, but she woke up and wanted to the present.

Wanna take a trip in your own time machine? Check out for some serious belly laughs and thanks to Meagan for finding this hilarious site!!


Heidi said...

this is hysterical!!!! LOVE the 1986 facial expression. I think she is thinking, "Uh Oh, I am late for my Jane Fonda casting call...I really think her exercise videos are going to take off!!!"

that wasn't funny, was it??!!!! haha i tried


Heidi said...

OMGoodness...she looks scared in 78don't think she is lovin that one.
she looks soooooo cute in all the hairstyles!!! i have to go try it out now

Rayna said...

OMG I can't stop laughing. She is going to kill you when she grows up and she's what you did to her. LOVE IT!

Tisha said...

so funny! 1984 Lily looks like one of those beauty pageant girls with the big hair.

Steph C said...

That is too funny! I just keep picturing her cute head under all those funny hair styles. So funny!

Me said...

Isn't this site hilarious! I love it!