Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Sweet Sixteen!!

We can drive this week! I still remember turning 16 when Allison and Becky threw me a sweet sixteen surprise birthday party! And it just so happens that today is my birthday!! For the last 4 years, birthdays have not been the greatest because it's reminded me of how long we've been trying, but not today! Today was so much fun and I felt like I was 16 enjoying every minute of my bday!!

We're 16 weeks today and it seems like the 2nd trimester is going a lot faster than the first trimester! I think I was too terrified to think about anything else that all I did was stare at the calendar and the clock that never seemed to move. Now I'm taking a sigh of relief a little bit more as I see my tummy growing and hearing the heartbeat everyday!! I think I've felt movement a few times, but since I don't know what I'm looking for, I can't be quite sure because it happens so fast! Once I feel it more, I'll let you know if that's what I was feeling!!

I've been fighting a bad cold/cough for TWO SOLID weeks!! That is soooooo unlike me! I've always been proud of my immune system bc I don't get sick often and if I do it's for 3-4 days tops!! Well, 14 days later and coughing like a veteran smoker, I had to call the doctor for some relief! He prescribed some drugs that are safe during pg-cy and it's helping, but I'm still coughing a bit. Much better tho!! Guess my immune system is taking a jab or 2 from Baby H which is fine by me!!

Here are some sites about our baby right now! I never read ahead even tho I'm so tempted, but it's like my little surprise every Wednesday!! I look forward to it all wee!! I just learned that Baby H is the size of the sub I get at Subway!!! He/she is 6"!! Woah!! We have an u/s and cervix check on Friday at 9:20 - can't wait to see our peanut again!!

Off to the Melting Pot for my bday (big surprise huh?) and I feel more blessed than ever on this special day with the little one swimming around in my belly that I don't even need to open any presents!! (shh, don't tell David that - hee hee)

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Kelly! I have been here reading about you for a few months now and am so happy that things are finally working out for you two.
Becky T

anna said...

Happy Birthday! And happy 16 weeks! I agree that the second trimester is moving along a bit faster- thank goodness, right?! Enjoy your special day!

baby hansley said...

I hope that you had a great birthday!!!!!!! Being pregnant only makes it more special. Our retrieval is in a couple of days hopefully. I can't wait until we can hit 16 weeks. Nicki

Anonymous said...

Yay for 16 weeks!! & I hope you had a Happy Birthday - well I know you did! Love ya Donna

Jessica said...

Happy belated birthday!!!! :)