Friday, October 26, 2007

NO Surgery!!

What a looooooong exhausting emotional day! But it's over and no surgery scheduled which is good news to report!! First of all the baby is PERFECT!! The u/s tech did a loooooooong u/s with us and spent so much time watching the baby. Baby H was trying to suck his/her thumb and it was FASCINATING!! We didn't find out the sex, but it was still UNBELIEVEABLE!!!!!!!!

Long story short....every test they ran came back N-O-R-M-A-L!!!!!.

Bloodwork. Normal.

White cell count. Normal.

Ultrasound. Normal.

Internal Exam. Normal.

Another ultrasound. Normal.

Appendix ultrasound. Normal.

Ovary check. Normal.

Gall Bladder check. Normal.

Spleen check. Normal.

Bunch of other tests I didn't understand. Normal.

Baby Check. PERFECT!! :)

It was nice to hear that word "normal" over and over! My pain level yesterday was about an 8 and today it's about a 6 so doc said that is a good sign too. If it was appendicitis, then the pain level would stay at an 8 or get worse. The pain does not get better with appendicitis.

He did not have a medical reason for surgery today, but sometimes pg-cy can mask the symptoms so I need to keep a close eye on my pain level and symptoms. He's not ruling it out, but is leaning towards no surgery for now. He said I may have torn a ligament causing the pain and maybe it's mending itself on its own. I had a severe cough for the last few weeks so that might have strained it even more.

They ran more bloodwork today that'll come back on Monday. Basically if my white cell count is high (it was normal today) then he'll automatically remove my appendix, but being that it was normal today he's not super worried about that. I will go back on Monday with a pain level report and see my white cell count. If I have any pain, nausea, vomitting or a fever, I'm supposed to go straight to the ER. Will do!

He reassured me over and over that if we did have to have surgery it is not risky to me or the baby. Rupture is a risk, but he's not worried about it over the weekend. I'm not too worried about it at all especially bc the pain level is going down. I'd rather it disappear, but going down is good for now!!

I'm to take it easy this weekend and rest, rest, rest which is not a problem. I'm so emotionally spent from all this that I could pass out all weekend! LOL!!

Again, we are humbled by the support and love we received through all of this!! All the emails, phone calls, texts, prayers and support were sooooooooo needed and appreciated!! We feel more confident after getting the tests run and having them come back normal.

The best part is that we got an amazing ultrasound with a super patient tech that was incredible! We even saw all the chambers of his/her heart. We looked at his/her little bladder, spleen, liver. Every nook and cranny!! It was the best u/s we've ever had!! Usually we feel rushed during our u/s, but this tech would still be there if we wanted!! haha.

Baby H is PERFECT, growing, thriving, active, and happy and that makes us happy!! Tomorrow is our SIX YEAR ANNIVERSARY so we have lots to toast to!!!!! It'll be a nice, happy, relaxing loving weekend with peace in our hearts!!! :) Thanks for loving us through all of this!!

~Breathing Finally Friend

PS I still think it was all just a bladder infection! ha ha JK :)

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Jessica said...

This is the news I was hoping to hear and prayed for!!! :) So glad you do not need surgery and that everything looked normal, especially Baby H!! You rest up...I hope the pain subsides quickly!

Anonymous said...

I bet it is ligament pain from all the coughing. That could be similar to the round ligament pain you get a little furter along. I hope a restful weekend will make mama H "all better"!

Love Donna

anna said...

Oh thank goodness! I was getting worried about you. So glad to hear that baby H is doing so great and that mama's feeling better too! Happy Anniversary and enjoy your restful weekend!