Monday, October 29, 2007

Big Day Shopping!!!

Today was a big day for D and I! WE WENT CRIB SHOPPING!! We went shopping all day for other secret parts of the nursery too, but then ended with Babies R Us!! I wasn't scared or intimidated as we walked into Babies R Us like I thought I would have been. I assertively walked in thinking 'mantra-ing', "we deserve this" although I was worried someone was going to come by and ask us if we wanted to look up someone's register bc I still don't "look" pg! I look like I had 1 too many twinkies, but strangers aren't coming up to me asking when I'm due yet!

I actually look forward to that part. When a stranger asks me when I'm due or what we're having or any other random question. NOT looking forward to the belly rub tho!! I've heard those ''belly rubbers'' are out there who think my belly is their genie bottle, but no thanks!! My belly button has always been SUPER sensitive! I think since birth. David knows to stay away from it...miles from it! My belly button use to have a little raisin in it and now it's stretched and looks like you could fit a dime in it! The circumference has doubled; meaning more surface area for people to accidentally graze 'the button' and that terrifies me!!

It was VERY overwhelming to be in that store! Overwhelming bc of all of the choices!! I wanted to cry when an employee came up to us and asked us if we needed help? I wanted to hold onto her leg while she dragged me around the store registering for us!! Some things I care about while others I couldn't care less if a stranger registered for us! I think there are just too many choices for new moms! There's about 103 different car seats all promising to be the safest car seat out there. 59 strollers with every bell and whistle available, gadgets galore; some you can't live w/o and some you can. How can a new mom and dad know the difference? I didn't get too worried about it now as I blocked out those sections!! Too much stimuli!! Our main focus right now is the nursery; starting with the crib/dresser set. My mom and dad have generously offered to buy the crib for us (ya m&d!) so that's a good feeling shopping w/ someone else's money (jk m&d, elbowing u in ribs)!! We are having a hard time finding the crib we want bc we have an exact color and style in mind. We've been looking online like crazy, but colors are super hard to judge w/o seeing it in person. It's $80+ ship so you have to be sure when ordering online. (sigh)

We're keeping the nursery ideas a surprise until the "gender reveal" probably in February at our shower!! I came home the other night and D had surprised me by clearing out the entire room that'll be a nursery!! It made me cry happy tears!! There were bed frames, mattresses, benches, tables all in our foyer and an empty room upstairs! It was VERY SWEET and got this nursery ball rolling big time! Now neither of us can stop thinking about it!! Walking into that empty room is like a blank canvas!! I honestly don't know how I'll keep all the details in that long! I feel like I'm going to burst already!! I spoke to my mom on the phone tonight and had to keep a lid on all the details of the shopping day and it was the hardest conversation ever!! She's the type that gets so excited with every little detail with me, remembers it, researches with me, asks me more questions to think about and wants to know every item we saw and liked/disliked!! It's at the front of my brain now and to push it back is not an easy task!!

D and I talk about it all of the time too so that's super fun! I can tell it's on his mind all of the time too!! Since he doesn't do cartwheels like I do when he's excited about something, I feel so bonded in such a different way to him bc I can actually see how excited he is too with random ideas he'll come to me with or things he'll see in the store that he just has to have! Brainstorming and planning is fun!! We've make each other "project managers" on different tasks which is how we usually handle big projects together like when we built our house, IVF, remodel jobs, etc. This is just the beginning!! Can't wait to "execute" in April!!! :)

On the "pelvic side" of things, my side still has a dull ache, but it feels much better. If I was an 8 on Thursday, then a 6 on Friday, I can say I'm like a 4-5 now. I'm worried about working bc I walk A LOT so it could aggravate it a little. Could have to take maternity leave 5 months early! ha ha I rested most of the weekend except for our shopping excursion, but I knew I'd call it quits if it started hurting too much which it didn't so that was good!

I'm going to the dr today at 3 to discuss my blood work where I expect to see average/low white cell counts (high levels = BAD appendix), he'll check my cervix and see what he thinks overall. I may even be able to get my white cell levels earlier if the labs come back and the post it on their lab calls system. I'll post if I hear anything earlier. I highly doubt it's appendicitis anymore bc of Friday's visit and my pain level is decreasing. He said appendicitis will only get worse and not better!! He'll want to see me in 2 weeks for a cervix check so then I get to make our gender ultrasound appointment!!!!!! OMG!

Our u/s tech won't make any guesses until 20+ weeks so guess when our appt will be?? AT 20 WEEKS EXACTLY!! I want to know more than ever bc we do want traditional colors in the nursery depending on gender! I feel like our tech is holding up the entire decorating project upstairs!! LOL! We're aiming for 11/14 for our gender appt so we'll see what the schedule looks like!! Hey, look at that!!?? Another TWO WEEK WAIT! Argh!!!

We love you all!!! Thanks for being excited with us!!

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