Wednesday, October 10, 2007

15 WEEKS!!! :)

We get to drive (with a parent) today as we are FIFTEEN WEEKS PREGNANT! YAHOO!! When I was a teenager, I went to get my driver's permit BEFORE SCHOOL on my bday bc I wanted to drive so badly and 15 years old was such a big milestone in my life! My mom brought me to the DMV when they opened for my test and then late to school and I thought I was too cool for school with my driver's permit!!

Today is a little bittersweet because when we got pg with IVF#1, our due date was today 10/10. But, of course, we're also very happy to be PG and focusing on that today! We're going to light (or 50) a candle in his/her honor tonight and celebrate our little peanut that tried so hard to be with us and for the one growing and thriving inside my tummy!! It's crazy to think we'd have a little one bouncing around our house right now, but it's a great feeling to know there's a little one bouncing around in my belly as I type these words!!

Below are a few baby pix if you'd like to take a peek. Belly pix are coming I promise. I think I look "thick" during the day, but look pg at night. I can't wait until I really start to "POP"!!
Thanks for caring and celebrating all the highs and lows on our quest to Baby Hutcheson. :)


baby hansley said...

Yeah on being 15 weeks! Im so glad that everything is ok and you are doing well. I know today is bittersweet. Enjoy spending time together and remembering everything that you have been through. Nicki

Anonymous said...

Yay for 15 weeks!! Little one is growing so fast! You should be popping anytime now - I swear it pops like overnight! I was about 4m when mine finally popped. Hey we had to wait till 16 to get our permits!! lol

Love ya Donna