Saturday, October 06, 2007

Back on the Roller Coaster...

Ugh! Just when the pg-cy confidence was starting to shine over here, I started bleeding and spotting last night!! I'm so bummed and confused by this as it's very uncommon in the 2nd trimester! Thank God I have the home doppler and can hear the baby's heart beating away at 150 BPM!!

I haven't spotted or bled any for the last 5-6 weeks so this is a VERY UNWELCOME happening! Of course it started at 6pm on Friday when the doc's office was closed, but they will be getting a call from me first thing Monday morning. I'm wondering if it's my cervix starting to weaken from the weight of the baby?? I really have no idea, but of course I'm worried and my confidence level is starting to waiver a bit!! I'm going on unofficial bedrest until I can talk to my doctor.

So much for a worry-free honeymoon 2nd trimester.


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Anonymous said...

Kelly you should still call your dr's office because a nurse or answering service will answer and can get a message to your dr. I'm thankful also that you have your doppler for reassurance. Sorry you have to go through this again - I'ts NOT FAIR! Donna

anna said...

Oh no! How stressful this must be for you. I'm hoping this bleeding passes and doesn't show up again so that you can regain your pregnancy confidence! My thoughts are prayers are going out to you...keep us posted!