Monday, April 16, 2012

Easter 2012

It was a big weekend of birthdays and bunnies so we continued on just with a little more dressing up, but life size Dora was still floating around all the deviled eggs. And it's another excuse for a family picture which david loves so much (insert dramatic eye roll) I swear he's in a witness protection program somewhere in Montana and is afraid he'll be uncovered with a family picture.

and the cousins together make my heart melt...and Grady in a tie? Say whaaaaaa? Stop with your bad self G-Money!! (scroll slowly to gasp appropriately) This smile and hair match his personality to a TEE!! He is hilarious!! I love the way Grace is like a super model and Douglas is too cool for school. And you can see Dottie in the reflection snapping away too.

Every time I'm with Douglas and Grace, I can't believe our kids will be their age one day. Then when I'm with Jordan, Anna, Allison and Katie, my brain goes blank thinking of them as teenagers one day. GULP! We REALLY missed the teens this Easter, but I don't think they'd be hunting for eggs and posting pictures of it on Facebook like we do.

On Easter Lily wobbly tried out Grace's bike for giggles, but it wasn't a good experience. She was scared, crying and frustrated and said "i'll ride a big girl bike when i'm 5" and begged to get off. Something kept bringing her back though and I walked her down the street on it and she was bitten by the bike bug. She asked to try it some more and had it mastered in a little bit zipping all over the place all day long. So we decided to get her a new bike as an extra leftover birthday gift. We've had a big problem finding a bike for her to say the least, but I won't waste blog space listening to me vent about poor customer service. (coughcoughtoysruscoughcough) Here she is on Grace's bike trying it on for size.

checking out the loot

G took the eggs and tossed them aside like a baseball rather than basketball into his basket.

Man I love these little souls. I'd dress up in an Easter Bunny suit and hop all over town for both of them.

I can't handle this shot with G standing showing off his cuteness.

Lily insisted on a shot of just the 2 of us. She wanted me to snuggle with her while standing, but I was in a skirt so I did my best effort and looked incredibly teen awkward in the process.

Lily had an Easter show at school and here she is walking down the aisle as I wiped away tears. She bites her finger when she's nervous and she held it there for a couple of minutes and then dropped it and belted out the tunes like Celine Dion. Here's her friend Kassidy she talks about all of the time.

Lily in her Easter show at school with her sweet friends...

Lily and her friend Ella who look like twinsies here....Ella has a little brother Ethan that looks just like Grady too with the blondies. The 4 of them together look like siblings! Hilariously cute!!

Lily listening to the Easter message at Church the day before at the hunt....she's become quite the little religious one. She insists on reading her bible before bed every night (say what?) and asks tough questions where David and I look at each other with a blank stare....questions google can't even answer like "who's tummy was God in and which hospital did he go to when he was born?" Say what? I guess Sunday School and a church based preschool is rubbing off on her. She insists on driving with the sunroof shade open so God can watch over her and apparently the green light in the smoke detector in her room is God keeping her safe while she sleeps. She tells us that nightly along with asking us if the lollipop will say boo and confirms there are no monsters or ghosts in her room. "Only angels in here right mommy?" We hear that nightly!!

and jen snapped this cute almost identical pose waiting for the Easter Bunny at the mall to tell him she was 4. Moments after, Jen was disciplined by the bunny for taking pictures in his pasture. He couldn't talk so he just shook his finger at her all the while hopping around entertaining the chitlins. Talk about a funny bunny!

and a previous visit where Grady had the death grip on me and screaming at the site of the Bun-Buns so Lil had his lap all to herself chatting away. This is from the same person who cried at costume characters for she's asking to sit in their laps.?? Say whaaaa?.

It was a great day feeling fulfilled (and exhausted) by the end of the weekend....

time for night nights G in my 2nd favorite jam-jams of his...

Life is Good.


Tracy Balderach said...

It's so fun to watch little Grady to know what will be in store for Brody in 6 months. The hair and personality on him are adorable and he is too cute for his own good. Little Lilly opening her heart to God makes me melt! Amen to that! :)

Pops said...

Just think what a ‘good big sister’ Lily will be to Grady . . . that little boy doesn’t know how lucky he is . . . Lily’s enjoying life so much with her super 4th Birthday Party . . . her very own bounce house . . . her brand new ‘big girl’ bike to ride and with her mommy and daddy and her cousins and her aunts and uncles and her grandma’s and grandpa’s that love her so very much . . . Life is sure good!

Love Ya,
Dad & Grandpa

Anonymous said...

It was such a great weekend!! Lily is FOUR!! Such a big girl!! She will be such a fantastic role model for Grady!! Such a happy and fun family!!

Favorite picture . . . Lily and Grady sitting in their Sunday best looking up at the camera! ADORABLE!!!


Aunt Molly