Monday, November 01, 2010

Happy Halloween

I can't believe how cool it is to experience the holidays through the eyes of the kids. I knew we were missing out when we were trying for so long, but good thing I didn't know just how much. Is there anything better than seeing your kids so happy? I can't believe how much our happiness is so directly tied to theirs. I wish we could dress up every day like this. Ok, how about once a month? Lily was literally skipping around the house, squealing in delight running around telling us over and over what was going to happen for Halloween. I think she was half reviewing it in her mind and other half was confirming it that she was actually going to go door to door to get candy from strangers. It's kind of a crazy notion when you think about it. We even had her pretend to come to our door, ring the doorbell and I came out like I was surprised to see her and gave her candy when she said "twick er tweet". LOL! She was beaming.

Later, I told Lily we were going outside for pictures and she was behind me. I was putting Grady in the grass on his boppy while waiting for her. I didn't know what was taking her so long, but couldn't go back in to check since I was alone outside with Grady so I called for her. Then this little voice came back and said "wite heer mommy" and there she sat still as a pumpkin with the other pumpkins she painted.

So freaking hysterical. I swear she sat there with her legs crossed and didnt move for like 10 minutes like a mime! A real live prop.:)

Lily had a great time going door to door and would only go up to each door with the help of Uncle Jamie which was super cute. She usually wants mom or dad by her side for big and new things like that so it was neat to watch her from afar. I love seeing her confidence develop and becoming more and more independent. That's such a gift for me to see.

and our little cow. very symbolic since he loves his mommy's milk so much. oh he was too cute for words and slept in Jen's arms the entire night. what a love. thanks allison for the adorable costume.

have i mentioned how much I love his blonde fuzzy head?

Lily didnt want to take her hood no matter what she was doing...that is until we stepped outside in the Florida heat. I'll never understand why they make every costume in America and on the internet out of thick, heavy fleece. I know there are cold parts of the US right now, but send some variety our way please!

I love how she looks at him and can't wait to see their friendship evolve over time.

How in the world did this happen? How do we have 2 kids? TWO!?? Two hearts we get to mold, shape, and teach how to love. The ironic thing is that I think they teach us more about love than we could ever reciprocate.

Actually, I know that to be true.

life is good.


jen said...

funny thing is?
i was just commenting with someone last night about how they should make ALL costumes available in heavy fleece ... because it's really tought when you have little girls that want to be dora or a princess. poor cora. i had to explain the whole dora lives in mexico and not minnesota ... and that if she actually lived in minnesota she would CHOOSE to wear orange pants and a pink sweatshirt because she's pretty smart.

Heidi said...

hello! beautiful!!!!! babies!
happy halloween!

Heidi said...

so true on how they do most of the teaching!

Tisha said...

oh little mr. is yummy! lol @ lily the statue, so cute!

Anna Ruth said...

I love the new header! Your pumpkin and cow are the cutest in the land.

Julie Frizzi said...

Need to hold that little cow and see little pumpkin!! I love watching you from afar knowing how happy you are!! Precious little gifts!!! xoxox my special coupon friend. I love you so much!!! My friend who will always be a forever friend!!

Jennifer said...

oh heavens, the picture of your little pumpkin holding her little cow is to dye for!