Saturday, November 06, 2010

pumpkin patch

The theme last post was cows and pumpkins so this time it's just pumpkins. we took the trip to the pumpkin patch last week and lily's eyes were blown away by all the pumpkins and scarecrows. Grady's eyes were closed for most of it. I wish you could see his shirt and I didnt have my hand over it. It's an orange striped tie and absolutely adorable. I thought it was perfect for church that day; until David pointed out it said AC/DC on it and probably wasn't the best choice. oops. But, boy did he look cute.

Have I mentioned I love the way she is with him? So gentle and nurturing. She wants to know where he is, pushes him in his swing, and tries to share her food with him. He sneezes a lot and she says "bless you" every time. He sneezed 15 times in the hospital! In a row! It was right after a feeding so I thought he was allergic to my milk or something crazy like that, but the nurse said that's normal. I'm a big sneezer so it must be genetics. ha

All of this has been a big adjustment for Lillers and I think she's still trying to figure it all out where she fits in in all this. Some days she's extra whiney or attention seeking and then other days she's her normal happy-go-lucky self and I just wish I could help her understand she is still the center of our world and doesn't have to be or do anything different for our love; she's perfect in every way, but I know it's a process and one she has to go through to build her confidence. I just hope her precious little sensitive heart isn't hurting by any of this, but I think it might be a little and that tears me up. I know it's a phase, but I'm ready for this one to phase away.

because nothing is more important that protecting her and Grady and always making them feel loved. And telling them over and over and over. But, more importantly, showing them over and over and over.

nothing is more important.

so we keep playing, filling up their love cups and letting them know our love is unconditional. We felt that growing up and want the same for our babies as they navigate through this wild world.

It was such a gift to have growing up and now it's our time to pay it forward...

and laughing a lot because that makes life so much fun...

and nothing is more important than family and being together enjoying every minute savoring it like the last m&m in the bag. It hasn't been a month yet, but I still can't believe we have 2 kids! TWO!!?? and in talking to a friend yesterday she made me realize all that infertility nonsense is over and we've reached the finish line like we were in this terrible marathon that we couldn't finish, but finally did. It's such a sigh of relief to have our 2 babies we never thought we'd have and know that chapter is complete. It was a long, confusing, heartbreaking book, but with a happy ending. One I would read and go through again and again if I knew I could have these 2 special souls in my life at the finish line. Now the book starts over, we roll up our sleeves and we get to write anything we want on their slates of life. That's pretty cool.

Everyone who meets Grady... and I mean everyone says "oh, enjoy this time, they grow up so fast", "it seems like just yesterday my kids were that small", "I don't even remember my kids that little" or some version of these statements. I hear that 99% of the time and love it each time. I even catch myself saying these things to people when I meet their newborn babies. It's overwhelming and cool at the same time when they say that because on one hand you want to make sure you're doing all you can to enjoy them, knowing it's like a hourglass of time slipping away out of your fingers and on the other hand you know you're at the very beginning of this beautiful journey of ups and downs of parenthood, creating the best memories of their lives. And the lucky parents too.
It's crazy cool.

life is good.


Anna Ruth said...

Family time is something no one can take away. The importance of it will last forever. I love the family picture at the end.

Tisha said...

love this post, its all so true. the adjustment when adding the 2nd one is the best and the hardest. sounds like you are doing it exactly right!

Annie said...

I like that, "...our love is unconditional. We felt that growing up and want the same for our babies as they navigate through this wild world."

So true. What a great way to think about it too. How blessed we are.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE these pictures. Tha dress Lily has on is so adorable. And to see her working so hard on her pumpkin. Absolutely the SWEETEST!!! Your family is beautiful. Can't wait to spend some time with them this weekend!!!


Allison Brinkley, Dietitian said...

Does he sneeze as LOUD as you do? I mean that a huge memories of your very LOUD sneezes in class. Thought it was fake at first...but it wasn't. LOVE IT!

An Urban Story said...

Yeh, multiple kids. It gets so hard and so much more fun at the same time!

We were in Sarasota, FL. I replied in my comments section. Don't hate me. :-)