Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Scrappin Away...

So I'm just doing random pages and not sure how I'm going to package them quite yet as I go back and forth and over and over more than I should and my OCD rears its ugly head. Actually OCD and I get along pretty well for the most part, but when it comes to things like this, I wish I could let go or kick its booty into the corner. I really thought Lily was going to be an only child so I went all out on so many levels with her and want to do the same for Grady so he doesn't get the short end of the stick. I was the 3rd born so I think I'm overcompensating in the process and WAAAAY overanalyzing the equalness of everything. Everything!! Holy balance batman! Like if I take 3 pictures of Grady , I need to have 3 of Lily and I could give you 1,029 more examples like that where I try to keep it balanced like a scale and its next to impossible. No, it's impossible. Well, here's a little look at October and not sure what will happen from here on out, but I'll just keep scrapping away and figure it out later.
thanks for the awesome B&W picture Kelle. I love it!

still have to add captions to these pages which is the hardest because my heart just explodes thinking about what I want to write and feel like words somehow cheapen it, but it's better to write anything rather than nothing at all.


These seems like 6 months ago and not just 2 weeks ago. Life is flying by way too fast!

here are 2 cute videos from just before Grady was here. Lily gets so excited when daddy comes home and he knocks like he's a visitor and she has to go find him. I love her spirit. dont think embedding is working so just click blue link ...

Click here to see video

and this is of her practicing to be a big sister...
click here to see the video

life is good.


Maria said...

Very cute videos, Kelly. Happy Thanksgiving to you & your beautiful family.

Anna Ruth said...

I love all of the scrapbook pages. I need to catch up on mine. I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!