Sunday, October 24, 2010

getting our mojo

Everyone wants to know how we're doing and I have to tell you we're doing a lot of this...

We're starting to get our mojo back a bit. Lots of celebrating lately and coordinating schedules which is so nice to be able do with 2 kids! Hey, that hurricane never came we planned for. Having #2 is a lot smoother than I expected. It's not such a lifestyle change that comes with the 1st and it helps that Grady is about the yummiest baby ever...super snuggly, chill and he likes to sleep too. I swear he wakes up and yawns. I don't wanna ginx this so I keep telling people "so far so good" talking about G-money, but that's an understatement.

and when he's awake I could kiss those little eyes all day long. I can't believe how small he is and don't remember Lily ever being this little, but he's bigger than she ever was at this time weighing in at almost a whopping 8 pounds! I have to get new wings for the carseat! People see his blue blanket and pink wings and they get confused. Anyone have blue or neutral wings for the poor guy? He's starting to get a complex! lol

Oh and to see Lily with him is so darn cute. She wants to know what he's doing and if he makes any sound whatsoever she says "Dat noise?" for every single sound. He's a big grunter, snorter, and noisemaker so we hear that a lot around here. She's suuuper sweet and gentle with him, but testing us more than usual so we're definitely on our game more lately. This is normal and just a phase right?David's friend said it's like we went to zone defense and now we're man to man! Lol, so true!
She wants to put him to bed every night, but since he goes to bed later than her we let her put him in the bassinet, turn on ALL the bells and whistles on the bassinet and she tiptoes out of there shutting off the light saying "nighnigh gravy". And he's wide awake, laying there with all the music playing, vibrations going full blast, looking around like "hey, what just happened?". lol.

Lily has been very wishy-washy on her costume, tied neck and neck between a ladybug and pumpkin. Then one day she wanted to be an airplane. I think she's finally settled on a pumpkin once she laid eyes on the costume. (Thanks Erin A!) If only she was pumpkin bread, I'd eat her!

once she had it on, she didn't want to take it off. she actually asked to wear it in the shower.

Well, I'd better run to catch my cute pumpkin...this man to man defense is a lot of work. ha

life is good. :)


Leah said...

Glad things are going so smoothly!! The fact that newborns sleep so much REALLY helps with the transition! Very happy for you! Love Lily's pumpkin costume and that she always wants to wear it! So precious!

Maria said...

Oh, that pic of Lily coloring with the pumpkin costume cute!
And that little guy looks adorable sitting up in the carseat! Beautiful children
Kelly. Such fun seeing pics of them as they grow.

Tisha said...

grady looks just like lily! g-money - i like it. :)

Jen Biasi said...

I love it! I love all of it! Your children are precious, truly. And holy you look AMAZING! Glowing. Happy. Content. All of you. We were so happy you all were able to come and party with us on Saturday. Thank you, thank you. For everything. You guys are awesome.

Anna Ruth said...

I love all the hugs and holding that is happening. Glad you are adjusting and doing great. I love the pumpkin outfit.

Heidi said...


i didn't want this post to end.
i ate it all up.

seeing lily with g-money is amazing. the love cup thing...hello. i can't stand it. how sweet is that!!!

and grady is beautiful. like exceptionally beautiful.
can't wait to be germ free and finally hold the little angel. xoxoxox

Kelle said...

I was bummed to have a cold the other night because I wanted to scoop that little man from the sling. You guys have bounced back good to see you out and enjoying your new family. xoxo

Jessica said...

So glad I got to meet the little guy at Lindsey's shower. Maybe next time I see him he'll wake up so I can steal him from you for a minute or two! Happy Halloween to your cute little pumpkin and her baby brother:)

Jennifer said...

Ahhh, your little pumpkin is adorable! Glad things are going hurricane - and "hurricane season" coming to an end!

Anonymous said...

I miss them both so much!!! So unbelievably beautiful that you have these perfect little children. I knew Lily would be as loving as she is. She is such a little mini-mom. I need some serious cuddle time with Grady and soon!!!
Miss you and love you!!!