Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Milestones Galore...

Some of her milestone pages from April for her "book after she turned a year"...doesn't that sound better than her "2nd year book"? lol

Thanks Jen for some of these amazing shots when you watched sweet Lily!! YUMMY!!

Here's a video I found in my drafts,which blows my mind because she looks so wobbly and younger and it was just a few weeks ago...she claps all the time now and points to everything with an "uh-uh-uh" after it wondering what it is. And I mean everything. It's so stinkin' cute to see her ask what something is with those big blue eyes and after we tell her, she replies with her eyes saying a big thank you and relief like "phew, thanks mom, I was wondering what that was". She must be getting the inquisitive mind from all the Curious George books we read to her!

I've been getting a lot of questions about this program and yes it is worth every penny! Here are some of my thoughts:

*A lady at work gave us the videos so we don't have all the supplementary goodies, but I just got the word cards off of ebay and wasn't impressed with them because I could make them myself on cardstock in a flash. We only have the videos which I've seen on EBay sold separately so you don't have to buy the whole kit. Not sure about the other items that come with the package, but the sliding word cards look enticing, but can't seem to find those sold separately.

*We watch and interact alongwith her and it holds her attention for the entire 20 minutes. There's songs along the way and her face lights up and she swings her head around to look at us when they start with a big smile like she's saying "now we get to sing together guys".

*She was starting to get squirrely after about 2 weeks with volume 1 last week so we moved to volume 2 and she's entranced all over again. They're so basic, but there's something about them she just loves and has learned SO much!

*We tried the videos around 8 months old and she had no interest in them. We tried at quieter times like after a bath or before naptime and that seemed to do the trick.

*They are applicable for any younger aged kiddo for different reasons. Our goal isn't to have Lily reading now obviously, but to understand more of what we're saying. Douglas, 5 and Grace, 3 watched them this weekend and were soaking up like crazy!

*She can point to her head, ears, tongue, teeth, diaper, knees, bellybutton, head, eyes, chin, fingers and will point, clap, shake head, kick, wave, put arms up, arms down, stand up and hug when prompted... all since starting these videos. Not that we tried to do any of these things in an organized way, but it's still crazy!! It has been a huge 'corner-turner' for her and for us. I feel we unlocked a little magical part of her brain that we didn't know existed and can interact with her SO much more! We're so awestruck by her little brain growing everyday!

On another note, today in the pool, I said, "Give mommy kisses" which we've asked a million times to no avail, but this time and she turned and gave me the biggest, sweetest open mouth kiss on my nose that I almost collapsed in the water! It was her first time giving kisses after getting about 5,587 kisses from us! She did it over and over! What a sweet tender moment! I'll never forget it.

Oh and she also is doing this like Forest Gump and I shake my head in amazement when it happens. ...

Life is oh so good!


Cibele said...

look at her walking!!!!! so adorable!!!!!

Kelle said...

Bwah ha ha. The walking makes me laugh...she so looks like she's gunna tip over, but she doesn't! Love the scrapbook pages and her little face leaned up ...angelic. And her smartycake-ness! Go, Lily Go! lol on the "tattoo highway" ad under this comment...not sure how it got there or if you can see it but there's a huge picture of a man all tatt'd up.

Tisha said...

she's grown so much! i love your milestone pages, i hope i can do something like that with Lucas. the design with the round pictures is so cute. it's amazing how much she's grown, you know, as i've seen in pictures. :)

jen said...

what a doll!
walking!! how cool is that?
i remember one night when cora was really sick this winter and i was up in the middle of the night watching all these kiddos reading ... and i kept thinking to myself, why can't my child do that??
i love that you are using the program in a way that you aren't setting up expectations ... but you are just excited with what comes.

Mary said...

It was the funnest possible thing to see Lily take some of her first steps this weekend. When she got up to about 6 steps, we about fell over. But then, so did she! LOL.

All her little and big milestones are so exciting. The open mouth kisses are the best.

She is one lucky little girl to have you and David as such loving parents!


Heidi said...

woah...open mouth kisses and LILY IS WALKING!!!!!!!!
how did it happen so quickly! i love that video. i watched it a few times, maybe more!

what an exciting time! i love the video of her in the mirror too! and at the end of that video...that big smile. sweetness.

DGMommy said...

Love the pages! Lily is just blossoming. What a beautiful and special little girl! It was so good to see her and bond with her more. We will have to do much more of that over the summer! Give her some big open mouthed kisses from me:)

Aunt Molly

Anna Ruth said...

What sweet girl you have.

jennygirl said...

Watching Lily take those wobbly steps while listening to that song makes me ultra weepy.

Katie just came in to kiss me goodnight, so I gave her big, tear-stained kisses. I can remember her taking those very same steps in the pink house.

Cherish every moment...I know you are!!


Steph C said...

She is a walker now:) How cute I could watch the video below 100 times and not get tired of it. It is amazing where has the time gone:) She is so precious.