Wednesday, May 20, 2009

"Is She Walking Yet?"

"Is she walking yet?" is a question I get a lot; almost as much as "when ya gonna have more kids"? (sigh), but everytime I get the walking question, I always 'him and haw' and respond with some nonchalant answer because I'm not sure what to say.

I feel like a fraud if I say yes and then I feel like I'm not properly representing her latest developments of 3-4 steps then crash if I say no.

When do I say yes confidently and officially put it in her baby book? After just a few steps or when she's doing the full-on Frankenstein walk like Samantha or Leah ?(which is too cute for words)

Here's a picture for you to judge for yourself. No, we're not starting to potty train her yet, but she's wearing her new cloth swim diapers and I was trying to get a picture in them because they are too cute and just love them!! They work great, come in adorable prints, and I never have to buy another bag of swim diapers! Ya!
As I was snapping away, she decided to take a few steps to show off in her new diapers! My favorite picture is the bottom left where she looks down like "what in the world just happened and how did I get here??" (thought Darius Rucker's song was appropriate for this post-sniff, sniff)

And here's a video trying her new skills. It blows my mind everytime I see it. She LOVES to play peek a boo and "where's lily?" around this corner so I was trying to get that on video when she surprised me with a few steps.
Warning: Turn your speakers down. I tried not to scream too loud because I realized the mic was so close!

So there's your answer to the daily question of "Is she walking yet?".

You be the judge! Either way, it's cuter than my little heart can handle!!

Life is good!!


Kelle said...

Oh, she's walkin' alright! Write it down! It's official. And then it will be a run. And a skip. And tricycle riding. 'cuz it never ends. Heaven. Aww...and dose cute widdle swimmy dipes are so cute on her! Happy Walking.

Julie Frizzi said...

I did not want that video clip to end!!!! What fun and laughter ahead!! yum-yum........

Grandpa said...

My vote is that Lily’s walking and pretty soon she’ll be able to walk by your side . . . but be careful . . . if you look away for just a second . . . you’ll wonder . . . “Where did that little dickens go?”

I love Lily’s smile . . . I love Lily’s laugh . . . and I love Lily’s innocence . . . but most of all I love Lily’s eyes . . . which sees just how much she’s loved by her Mommy and Daddy.

Lily is a walking Love Cup that fills the hearts of everyone she sees!

Love Ya!
Dad & Grandpa

jen said...

walker ... definitely a walker.
(which makes me giggle because i have the funniest story about a student - with language disabilities - that had the last name walker. i'll have to email it to you ... you would understand working in the schools!)

that lily of yours ... is too precious. and i can't listen to that song right now ...
take care kelly.

Tisha said...

i vote walking, definitely walking!
so cute!

Jessica said...

Yup, she's walking! And just just a few short weeks...she'll be ALL over!!! :) I am excited to see Chase take his first steps...such a fun milestone!

wylie said...

oh yeah! She's doing it! Love the swimmer diapers! Where did those come from? You need your own show... Kelly's Consumer Korner where you tell us all the cool stuff you buy for Lily and how it works, where you got it, and give it a love cup rating (1-5 cups) so we can go out and get it!
I would totally watch ;) Lily is too cute for words!

DGMommy said...

That is how it starts. She will be running by you in a few days! Get your running shoes on. Can't wait to see her (and you guys too:) in a couple days!
Love yous!

Dottie said...

Yes! Yes! Yes! Lily is walking! Love those little wobbly legs, but that won't last for long.

Jennifer said...

YES, you can say she is walking.

And you are not a fraud if you do.

I doubt there has been a baby in existence that went from crawling to full-on-walking-ten-to-fifteen-steps-from-the-couch to-the-kitchen-table.

Those two steps in succession, then falling...that's how walking begins, just like talking. If she says "ma-ma, da-da, bla-bla-blahhhh", we call her a talker. Walking is the same!!

By the way...reading will be the same...but I digress...I just see such similarities in the three!!

YES, you have a walker.

Lily Grace is walking.

and that SONG!!??? tears flowin'!!!

I love my little walker. Beyond words.


Heidi said...

awwww-another walker!!!! how exciting!!! lily is officially walking now. that video is so cute!

kelle is so much more to come. the exciting stuff never ends.

The Manrings said...

oh yippeee! isn't it a bittersweet moment to be so proud of such a big accomplishment. I LOVE those pictures of her taking her first steps. SO CUTE!!!!!! i struggled with this same question and watched her cruise along the furniture for so long... you feel like its just around the corner, the next step and then the next...and soon she will be running. i love that our girls are so close in age and its fun to watch them grow up!! yah for lily girl!

Mary said...

Can it be more adorable. She is so surprised when she takes a couple of steps. It is so exciting, but I will always miss the crawling. I guess you can't have everything. I cannot WAIT to see her this weekend. Oh yeah, you too!! LOL.

Justine H said...

She is! Lola started with this kind of thing and with the next week or so, she was full on walking! Go Lily!

Andrea said...

Oh, Kelle. No question...she's walking. I wrote my girls' date the DAY they took that first step. She is sooooo walking, and darling at that. Thanks for sharing. :)

Cibele said...

YES YES YES, she is walking!!! YAY

Cibele said...

less than one month ago Lyla was the same way
now she is running, you will see

Anna Ruth said...

Kelly, she has reached the next time of growing up. She is so precious walking.

P.S. I had to add one of your songs to my blog.

nicirae said...

Yep. I think she's walking. Next week it'll be 10 steps and then jogging. Cutie pie in that photo sequence!