Saturday, April 04, 2009


It's jaw dropping to imagine this little soul coming into our world just one year ago.

Her first picture ever was such a relief to know we were holding a happy, healthy bundle of joy...

She was quickly whisked away to the NICU because she had trouble breathing at first and they wanted to monitor her...these were terrifying moments being away from her, but somehow Kelle snuck into the NICU to snap this picture and ran back to my room to show me she was OK... even though Kelle almost got arrested in the process, I'll never forget seeing this million dollar shot on her little camera screen.

Finally, we were able to take our miracle baby home...

Our first night home was one of those nights I'll never forget. I remember walking into our house and it was decorated from floor to ceiling with welcome home signs. There were balloons, streamers, signs in the yard, a decorated car, banners, posters, candles lit, Charley meowing, ac cranked down low, vacuumed carpets, fresh smell of pine sol, everything in its place and love just poured into our hearts as we walked in. It looked so different to me; like a brand new house because I almost forgot what it looked like...then the 3 of us went to sleep that night and the biggest thunderstorm began with rain pouring down in buckets and it was one of the snuggliest nights I've ever had. I felt like it was so symbolic; like God was telling us we'd weathered the storm, but now we could celebrate as we were safely tucked in our bed instead of out in the rain. I wiped tears from my eyes as I drifted off to sleep. The happiest tears ever...

We stared at her for hours everyday and would look at each other without saying a word sharing the amazement that she was finally here!! I remember the 2nd night in the hospital David was peering over her as she slept and he thought I was asleep, but I heard him say to himself, "How is she ours?". I couldn't have agreed more.

Kelle captured our love so magically...

We wrote our wishes for Lily in the special book Colleen gave us when Lily was born and my heart swelled with love when I read David's wishes because he summed up everything I wish for Lily and more...

Daddy's Wish for "Little Person"

*To trust to the point of vulnerability
*To be decisive and confident in your choices
*To recognize, appreciate and cherish both significant and lesser moments and achievements
*To respect and to be respected
*To be full of pride, yet humble
*To know your children’s children
To love and to be loved
*To laugh until you cry
*To have the strength to pick up the pieces and try again
*To light up the room when you enter
*To know and have faith in GOD
*To be rich in life long friendships
*To live happily, always portraying that “scrunchy” smile
*To feel at ease and have peace with who you are
*To see the silver lining on dark days
*To recognize your limitations
*To dream big
*To be passionate about your livelihood
*To enjoy learning
*To know when to say when
*To always have hope
*To comprehend the extent of our pursuit to meet you
*To have opportunities to take risks
*To always know that our love for you is immeasurable and unwavering

Love, Daddy

And onto the birthday pictures are still on my camera (thanks Jen for snapping away for me) so Kelle sent me these gem of pictures/collages that we will cherish forever! She had 3 parties today, but still managed to send me these and even post about her parties(looking for her cape)

Kelle made her this shirt and an adorable birthday hat (that Lily wanted to play with instead of wearing) and I can't remember anything cuter than her in Lainey's tutu with this shirt that reads "one-derful". OMG! (warning screen could melt from cuteness)

I'm starting to see a little girl emerging and it's a beautiful view...

Then it was time for the cake. We made her own bunny cake like my mom used to do for Jennifer because her birthday is in April too. Made one for the "big people" and Lily got her very own baby bunny cake. They were almost too cute to eat! (almost)

She was SO careful with the icing and didn't dig in and go hog wild at her first taste of sugar like I thought she would. I think she was trying to remember her manners. Now that she's one, she's trying to act like a lady.

This is one my favorite Kelle shots of the says it all...

And a collage she made of the cake eating experience where I think she wondered more about all the eyeballs on her than the cake in front of her.

I'm at a loss for words at what this last year has meant to us. Our hearts have grown in ways we could have never predicted and our lives are finally complete with our precious Lily in our lives. I don't know if she'll ever know the extent of our love for her and the beautiful little girl she's becoming, but we'll spend our lives showing her just how special she is. Thank you Lily for being the icing on our cake!

Life is good!


Unknown said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LILY PIE!!! May all your wishes come true! LOOVE this post, I got goose bumps as I read it. I have seen a beautiful transformation of a newborn to a toddler. She is AMAZING! It looks like she had a ton of FUN! YAY! :o)

Kelle said...

oh, i'm so emotionally spent from all the love today! i'm literally overdosed on love. a beautiful party and my favorite part, of course being when she clung to me. happy birthday sweet girl!!

Heidi said...

happy birthday little lily!!! i still can't b she turned one today! lovin' her and her little toothy grin.

what a beautiful first birthday party, and that cake was DELICIOUS as well as cute.

Jennifer said...

Ok...not knowing where to start...

just sitting here in the dark with tears dripping down on my keyboard.

Your words brought me back to those first days in the hospital...when we weren't sure she would be the beautiful homecoming and stormy first night at home, when we knew she was fine...and were so thankful that she was finally HERE.


Today was more than a "first birthday" party to was a culmination of the years of waiting, trying, trying again and again and AGAIN...never giving up...and finally a celebration of a life that was wanted SO MUCH in this world.

She was willed into the world. You and David willed her into existence, with unwavering dedication and love.

I firmly believe that is why she is so special, smiley, loving, sleeps at all the right times, cuddly, happy, happy, HAPPY, responsive, good natured, and an all around perfect child...ok, so maybe I'm biasd. But I don't think so. :)

She is perfect.

She is here.

and she is ONE.

And yes, believe it or not...



I love your little family, and Lily Grace Hutcheson, more than words can ever express.

Happy 1st Birthday, Lily Pie...

you are going to have a magical life.

Aunt Jennifer

Lindsey said...

Awesome post! I'm so there with you. My daughter is 11 months and next month she'll be a year. I just can't believe it! Everything you're experiencing and feeling and have felt I have, too. And your little one reminds me of mine. :-) Though mine seems to have a stubborn streak already... does your little girl? hehe I'll blame that on my husband.

Brit Girl said...


I've been reading your blog for a while, I found it through Kelle's. My daughter is close in age to Lily, she turned one on 14 March. Just wanted to say... Happy first birthday to lovely Lily! This post was beautiful and made me well up!

Cibele said...

Happy birthday sweet girl!

Anonymous said...

Yea for birthdays!!!! Looks like you had an amazing day!!! :)

An Urban Story said...

Happy Birthday Lily!!!!!

jen said...

ah. the first tears of the day.
happy happy birthday little lily! i'm so excited to see what the next few years bring!
and mama? happy mommy day to you too. that one year mark always felt mind blowing to me. and then it passes, just like any other day. but this year brings so many exciting changes and newness. they grow immensely during this next year. enjoy every minute of it. i know you will.

Tisha said...

happy birthday lily! i love the tutu pics, she is truly one-derful!

anna said...

Happy birthday, little Lily! She's so adorable and just keeps getting cuter! In my ideal world, our babes will hang out together sometime soon, so hopefully our paths will cross some day for that play date! Funny, because our babes wouldn't understand what brought us into each other's worlds.

Somewhat Ordinary said...

Happy Birthday, Lily! What a year. Here is hoping the coming years are filled with as much wonder and amazement as the first! I love the party pics.

Me said...

Deep breath...tears... gushing heart! :)

Anna Ruth said...

I have chill bumps. The pictures with the song is just heart warming. She is a cutie.

Steph C said...

Ah how sweet! The party was perfect! Lily is so adorable and one I can't believe she is ONE. Can't wait to share in another wonderful year with sweet Lily!

The Manrings said...

happy birthday to sweet Lily! what a special birthday party and she looks so happy and loved. how festive everything is!! what a fun memory!!!! thanks for the nice comments on my blog answer you i got the bike seat from a friend but i think its from sports authority. oh and pss. i'm going to attempt to make a bunny cake for easter this sunday. wish me luck. hehe

Mary said...

How many different ways can I say that when you are happy, I am happy. These pictures underline the miracle that happened in your lives last year - all of our lives. What a beautiful year it has been. She is so perfect and healthy and happy. I love her so much.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday my sweet LP. You bring an endless amount of joy, happiness and pride, having the honor to call you my daughter. I feel blessed and excited with the opportunity to watch you grow from an infant into a “cruiser”, ready to explore the world, and I look forward to your next expedition!!

I love you,

Da Da

Jennifer said...

OMGoodness, it's been way too long since I've visited your blog. Lily's birthday pictures/post is the most precious, most well thought out tribute to her that I have even seen. You're so talented! Every single picture is stinkin' cute! Congratulations on your little girly turning one!