Thursday, April 09, 2009

Leftover Birthday Cake

And some more goodies from Lily's birthday party...

showing off her Lily bracelet to everyone like it was her new bling, bling! She's been wearing it everyday and loves it! Always looking at it in amazement and never plays with it. She looks so girly in it and I just love it! Thanks mom!

I found this place online that makes cardboard cutouts of anything jpeg. I couldn't resist doing it to one of my favorite pictures of her. I had no idea how it would look, but was so happy when it arrived! It's called a "Table Topper" and made me giggle everytime I looked at it! They even cut around the little puff balls! (it was the centerpiece and she was holding a balloon)

Gettin' some Aunt Molly lovin...she kept wanting to go to Molly and it melted my heart...Mollys too :)

Sniff, sniff...we hung all of her newborn clothes and compared them to her clothes today with a sign that said "Look how much I've grown"....the newborn diaper was shocking to see because she used to SWIM in that little dipe!! (having a hard time taking this down after her party)

With the help of Nanny K, Jen borrowed Lily for a morning of feet and hand printing. She put them on plates and we were BLOWN away to say the least!! We were shocked with the handprint, but here you see our surprise with the footprint plate too! (I took more pictures, but my camera is in the shop (sigh) so I'm working on getting more)

Our tired little party girl napping on Daddy's shoulder because she just can't take anymore birthday cake! I think she's having a major growth spurt over Spring Break because she's been sleeping in until 10:30 almost every morning! Holy moly!

Life is good!


Cibele said...

OMG, the pics are priceless. I loved the idea of showing her newborn outfits... and the cardboard cutout of her.... OMG, you out did yourself LOL. you are such a fantastic mom!

jen said...

love these pictures.
that sleeping on daddy's shoulder is adorable.
did you get my email??
i sent it from work ... and that sometimes doesn't seem to work or i never get the replies from it ... so just checking.
give that girly a squeeze from me ... she's getting so big!

wylie said...

I love the clothes line with her clothes up, that is adorable! It is amazing how much she has grown up :) Now, more than ever, she looks like D! She is so stinking cute Kelly!

Steph said...

OH MY WORD....that cut-out is OUT OF THIS WORLD! You have got to be kidding me! Cute the hand and footprint plates too! So cute! :o)

Anna Ruth said...

The cut-out is great. I'm with everyone else the clothes line with clothes was very creative. Hope you are enjoying your time off with her.

Anna Ruth said...
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jennygirl said...

It was a magical day, and I'll never forget it.

Singing "Happy Birthday" to her (choking back happy, emotion filled tears), was the highlight for me.

Love her SOOO much!!


Delenn said...

Looks like a wonderful birthday party!! I love love that cutout! So cute! And I think that idea about the baby clothes--very cool!

Kelle said...

how bout the last day of school you leave the cutout with me so we think lily's still here this summer? love the one of her head on her daddy and your surprise face for the plate! i hadn't seen the finished product. precious.

dig this chick said...

Oh little pea! Happy happy birthday sweet girl. Little something on the way to Florida. xxoo