Monday, April 27, 2009

Bday Crown

This is just after she woke up on her birthday. I guess you can say we're both wearing a different kind of crown. Please excuse my version. I didn't know I was "in the shot". I thought the cameraman (hep herm david) was just shooting the birthday girl. teehee

I've heard this song 100 times before, but never has it meant so much to me! Lily was so polite with eating the cake. I wanted her to devour it and have it all over her face, but she just picked at the icing with her 2 fingers. What a little lady. Guess she won't need Miss Manners when she grows up. ha ha

My 2nd baby (ie camera) arrived in the mail today polished, scrubbed, fixed and as good as new. What a welcome sight!! I never knew how attached I was to it until it was gone.

Life is Good!


Jennifer said...

OK...that towel on your head defies all laws of physics by the mere fact that it stays put. WHAT the!! How does that loose pile of laundry even dry your hair?

L - O -friggin'- L. I say David filmed it on purpose. Just sayin'.

Loved her birthday, it was a perfect day in every way, and it will go down as one of my all-time-favorite memories our family will ever know.

Love you and Lily Pie beyond words!!!


Kelle said...

Yay on camera being returned! I'd be so lost. Love the b-day song. Nothing more wonderful than hearing b-day song being sung on that first birthday!

Heidi said...

she was so polite eating her birthday cake. what a memorable birthday...i still can not b she is one year old. craziness.

so cute when she waves bye.