Friday, April 17, 2009

Stuffed Animals

I never realized how addicted I was to my camera until I had to send it to the Nikon Gods to be fixed! There are so many times I go to grab it and am reminded by the sting of knowing it's in NY somewhere nursing itself back to health. Until then, I'm depending on my less than par digital camera and the good ole flip video camera which I could sell on the street corners because I love it that much!

So we're just now realizing how much Lily loves stuffed animals. My friend Nancy gave us this oversized bunny for her party and Lily can't get enough of it. She lays with it, hugs it, snuggles with it, nuzzles her head in it, crawls back and forth all over it and genuinely loves this bunny. David got some when she does it in the beginning of the tape. It's the cutest dam thing I've ever seen to see her give so much love!

She's turning into such a little snuggler lately! If she's holding a stuffed animal and we say "Give bear a hug." she'll immediately put it up to her cheek and squeeze it with a big smile. She'll do the same if we're holding her and say "give mommy a hug" and you'll have a neck nuzzler in seconds! Be still my heart!

Then, ironically, Dottie and Larry brought down some more stuffed animals from SC and she can't stop loving on them either. Here she's telling the turtle how much she loves him. (Larry is doing the rocking)

It's crazy that she's starting to understand and demonstrate things we're telling her. David asked her the other day "where's momma?" and you could see her think about it for a second, then with a big grin, she took her cute little chubby fingers pointed to me and I almost fell into a puddle of love that spilled out of my heart. She did the same thing when I asked "where's dada?" and we really don't know what to do with ourselves with the cuteness!

Life is good!


jennygirl said...

It's SO fun to watch you "discover" her first milestones...this is such a magical time in her's like opening a present every single day!!!

I loooved being able to feed her tonight...SO CUTE how she wants to hold her own spoon! Love her independence!!

I love her personality, I love her smile, I love her serious face, I love her sweet, happy spirit...I JUST LOVE HER SO MUCH!!

-Overflowing Olivia

Lindsey said...

Oh my word, same thing for me with stuffed animals! Emma has a big (not as big as that bunny though, lol) soft stuffed lion that she absolutely adores, and a super soft blanket that goes with her everywhere. :-) I'm thinking maybe I should buy another one of those blankets, lol. It was from Target.

Such a cutie!

Steph said...

Cute, cute! She is adorable! :o)
LOVE the new header too!

Anna Ruth said...

Stuff animals are the best! So glad you got your camera back.

Heidi said...

oh... i love how she pointed to you. that is a BIG moment!!!

the video of her lovin' on her gramps is precious. what a love.

Tisha said...

oh thats just so sweet! she's growing so fast!

love the new header!

jen said...

what a darling!
love how much you love her. it's fun to see.

Jennifer said...

Just noticed a little poll on the sidebar of your blog.....
Are you expecting? Or is the is the poll you posted when you were pregnant with Lily?
email me: