Saturday, November 15, 2008

Patience Pays...(& a giveaway)

Here are some pages that will go into her first year book.... It's hard to be patient for this book to be printed into something like this,(LOVE that cover btw) but I think it'll be worth the wait and a keepsake she can throw in that ever-growing laundry basket on the way to college...

And for the first time I'm doing a blog giveaway! Apparently, it's the cool thing to do in the blogging world and since I won a giveaway on coconut's blog, I decided to pay it forward and have a giveaway of my own.

The lucky winner just has to leave a comment and will win a set of these bags for the grocery store instead of using all those plastic bags that don't ever fully recycle.

Once you comment, your name will be put into a bonnet and Lily will pick the lucky winner. (out of towners eligible too) So I'm looking for all you lurkers to comment as well (hep herm dad, Dottie, Jan, to name a few) for Lily to read one day. We use ours bags religiously and wish everyone else would too. I give them as gifts and would go on the road to campaign that everyone uses them every time they go to the store. They are the best!! You can fit SO much in these bags and it's a great feeling knowing you're taking part in trying to preserve this precious earth for our next generation.


Jennifer said...
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Jennifer said...

Sorry, I had to delete my previous comments because of a typo. Yucky, don't like typos!

(now...can you enter my name twice? lol)

AWESOME pages...I love how you document so many things that might go undocumented. Wow, that was profound. (eye roll)

Seriously though...they are beautiful!!!

I love you and I am willing Lily's chubby little fingers to pull Aunt Jennifer's name from the hat.

Auntie Jen powers... ACTIVATE!

jen said...

believe it or not!! everything will be mailed on monday! it's finished and i'm picking it up tomorrow afternoon!
hope you enjoy it!
you always remind me that i need to figure out the digital scrapbooking stuff.
it is so beautiful. then again...mine would probably not even compare. can i just send you all my pictures?

Heidi said...

you are so in with your giveaway! cool man.

OH MY the pages are so beautiful! feeling the love from those pages.

when you said 'laundry basket' and 'college,' i was like...WOAH!

heidi wants a bag. heidi wants a bag. read this comment to lily.
love you lily girl!!! ;0

Kelle said...

Love the pages and can't wait to see the book all done! Lots of love to yous toos yous lily pies, yous! xoxo

Rayna said...

Ohh, the pages look great! I have to catch the bug again and get a move on AJ's 2nd year. I didn't even know about those bags, we've been using the recycled bags from Whole Foods. Gotta get one.

Steph C said...

Your pages look great! I love to scrapbook it is so fun! It is so addicting! She is cuter than ever Kelly!

Kara said...

I love your scrapbook pages! You are so creative! :) I miss seeing you at BCE...but loving the Mommy life!

I love the bag giveaway. I just got started using these kind of bags at Publix when I had a coupon for some free ones! :)

Hope to see you soon!

Commenting Kara ;)
(Couldn't resist...old times' sake!)

Anonymous said...

Love the new pages!! Lily sure will needs a very LARGE laundry basket for college lol!

Donna C

Julie Frizzi said...

About the bag...............If you are truly wanting to be "greeen" I want you to get out the cloth diapers!!!! Come On Kell, I know you can do this..............Wally would be so proud!

Justine H said...

I love the book, I did one for Lolas 1st birthday on Shutterfly and its turned out great - got everyone to sign it at her party.
Hugs Justine & Lola

dig this chick said...

Your book is great! I am very impressed. Your girl is just so sweet. I love that you included Lainey's birthday in her calendar of events! That is right when I stumbled upon both of your blogs. Glad I did.

Me said...

I just want to say...Lily you are adorable. Is it me... or are you looking a lot like your daddy these days?

Anonymous said...

Hi! i've been a long time reader, just no comments. Anyways, I love the site and Lilly is just priceless. I noticed one Lily was born on the 4th, right? So on one of your memory book sheets it says 6/5 - 2 months old.....shouldn't it be 6/4? I don't know how you have time to make those memory book are super mom!

take care,
Dot - Anna's Parapraxis' sister

Anonymous said...

I agree about the importance of using these cloth bags. I use them too. Don't worry about putting me in the hat for the give-away. I already have plenty. Save it for someone who needs one.

I really must look into how you create such beautiful scrapbook pages. I just finished a 175 page book on Shutterfly, so I am totally into digital scrapbooking. The backgrounds on that site are getting boring since I use it so much, so I need to branch out and get more creative. You must share your secrets with me!

:) Joanna