Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Lily's Laugh

After all the toys we have spilling everywhere in our house, leave it to Duaner to find a string and a stick to make his "Little Tater" laugh from the belly...my favorite!! I wish I could set this laugh to be my alarm clock, ringer on my cell phone, play continuously in the car and at work. It just makes my heart literally turn up on its sides and smile deep inside!!

(click link if box doesnt work)

More laughing that is so contagious...

She loves peek-a-boo!

Tummy kisses make her squeal in delight...

Now for her serious side. :)
Here's a cute video taken when we started her on solids awhile back - I'm in the process of taking old videos off the camera so there could be a lot of videos in the next few posts, but a bit outdated. I wish it was easier to get them from the camera to the blog!!

I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE how serious her face during this!! Her eyes are the size of the moon too! This is how she looks whenever we go to the doctor. I just can't get over this face!!


How can this keep getting better and better?

Life is good!

PS I'm wearing a wig in the Halloween pictures for those of you who have asked :):)


jen said...

both girls came running when i pressed play on the video...
i cannot take their eyes off of little lily!
cora just keeps saying..."baby" and pointing.
she also said (unprompted) - "cute baby!"
so right, baby girl!
i love the laughs.

Heidi said...

so sweet. i love these videos. can't wait for more.

in the 2nd video, "Beep!" video...she looks like your dad so much when she laughs. it is amazing!!! she is so beautiful.

that serious face is to cute.

peyton was sitting next to me watching the videos and she all of sudden started repeating what you would say to lily in the video. lol.

she thought lily could hear her. when i told her she couldn't, peyton said, "Oh, she isn't real!" ;0 so funny. i explained.

Tisha said...

those videos are the best! she laughs, she giggles, she chortles, she's developing such character!

Steph C said...

Ah I love the videos! I LOVE seeing David with her that turns my heart inside out too! I get to see her giggle all the time but I don't get to see Daddy with his angel all the time and it is just music to my heart. He just adores her so much and I love it. Something about men and their babies and even more something about men and their daughters. So cute!

Kelle said...

That new header is scrumptious as are those videos...and I feel so lucky to get to see all this up close and personal every day! xoxo 143