Thursday, November 20, 2008

Freaky Genetics

I'm usually clueless when people ask me who their baby looks like (ie mom or dad) and even more clueless when people ask me who I think Lily looks like. 99% of people say they see David which I think is kinda neat. I just wish I could see it too. Nanny K actually says she sees David so much in Lily that she sometimes blushes when she changes her diaper because she feels like she's looking right at David. Ok, now that is some funny stuff!!

Well, my school wanted my baby picture for Thanksgiving slide show they're doing so I went digging and stopped in my tracks when I saw this picure of Lily. Actually, it wasn't a picture of Lily, but it was a picture of ME as a baby! I had to do a double take. Then a triple take. If the picture wasn't so grainy, I would've thought it was Lily. Ready for the reveal? You're going to die at the similarities!! It's uncanny.

For the first time I can actually see it....

Woah! Did your jaw drop like mine did or am I seeing things?
Here's Lily as a comparison doing her famous open mouth smile...

Guess we know there was no mixup at the lab!! lol.

Here are a few more pictures for your viewing enjoyment... we were trying to get a family picture in front of the giant teddy bear at the library, but it looks like I got in the way. Not enough room for all of us. The librarian was trying to get Lily's attention so I told her she could try to sing the ABC's if she wanted to make her smile. I think she was embarrassed to do it. But she did it anyway. What followed was the most fragmented, monotone, uncomfortable version of the ABCs I've ever heard. I think Lily was shocked too.

This girl loves a good book...

She's not even phased by the larger than life size ape peering over her shoulder. (I don't mean me)

This picture at Taste of Bonita makes me laugh looking at David holding the claw of the crab who I think was making a pass at him.

Lily loves a good football game!

I absolutely love this picture of her as she looks so cozy and innocent...

Trying to show off her jeans...think it's her first time in them (jotting in baby book)

This is such a beautiful sight at the end of my day. This wonder woman manages so much everyday with ease, grace, love, and patience. Then she passes the baton of love to me. We love you so much Nanny K.

Life is good!


Heidi said...

okay, where do i start?!!

i think that lily looks like both you and david. really great combination of the two of you!!! that baby picture of you is...LILY!!!! lily is you. you are lily. HOLY MOLY! that smile is EXACTLY like yours and her eyes...your eyes!!!

lily reading a book with her daddy...her face is PRICELESS!!!! she in SO into it. LOVE that pic.

lol on the librarian singing a fragmented version of the abc's to lily. i know lily loves the abc song, always ending with her big smiles and giggles. lily's face in that pic...HILARIOUS. like, what in the world was that???

pic of nanny k, lainey, and lily made me smile bc they all look so happy. what better to come home to after a long day!!!!!

Heidi said...

okay, just read my comment over. should have done that b4 i posted. please excuse the typos:)
(blushing) ;0

dig this chick said...

My favorite post of yours yet...

I just think it is so cool that Kelle watches your girl. Amazing.

And, I laughed several times re: library lady singing monotone abcs and the crab coming on to your man. That's good stuff.

That is a great pic of Kelle with the girls.

Good night!

jen said...

the similarities are so amazing!
i love looking at my old pictures and seeing my children in them.
everyone says that the girls look just like jeremy. but that cora looks more like me.
if you look at their pictures ... they look exactly alike.
and jeremy and i could have passed for siblings when we were little.
so ... there is really no telling.
and the librarian made me laugh too hard.

Steph C said...

OMG she does look JUST LIKE YOU! That is crazy I do see D though so much and the older she gets I see him more. But that baby picture is her! So who knows she is a perfect mix and cute as EVER! I love all the rest of the pictures too! You have a beautiful family:) xoxox Enjoy Thanksgiving and your many days with your love!

Grandpa said...

Your Blog is fantastic!!! I really like scrolling thru all the pictures and verbiage . . . all the while listening to the very soothing music .

Love Ya!

Anonymous said...

Your baby picture just proves one thing, like mommy, like baby...always full of smiles!

The picture of the "singing the ABCs/family picture at the library" is hysterical! The look on Lily's face is so funny!

:) Joanna

Mary said...

That smile is JUST THE SAME!!! Amazing!!! If she brings you 1/10th of the joy you brought us through her life (and of course she will), you will be so blessed.
Love, Mom

Kelle said...

Aw. Love this! Lol on that picture at the end! What am I doing? Screaming at you?

Anonymous said...

You have a really enjoyable way of writing about your days.

Had me laughing a few times.