Thursday, December 18, 2008

Balancing Act

Even though working and mommy'ing makes me feel "in the weeds" a lot, I still try to find the balance in all this...the wise and famous Arliss Perriello always said to picture your priorities in life represented as the legs of a chair. Giving equal attention to all so your chair of life doesn't get out of balance. Playing soccer is something I've done from age 4 to 34 and helps me to keep the chair stable. Having Lily on the sidelines with my dad and David is full circle for me. She watches intently like she knows the rules of the game. She's a cute mascot too.

She loves to be on her belly and is grasping at the carpet trying to get from point A to point B. She wants to crawl so badly, but can't figure out how to get up on her knees. The other night she rolled from one side of the great room to the other trying to get her goal. She'd roll to the left....take a breather...then roll left again...take a breather...then roll left again. She did this about 10 times until she got her grand prize...the camera bag.

God, I love this girl.

The monthly picture is getting harder and harder because she wants the paper in her mouth and will do whatever it takes to eat it. Don't be surprised if the paper is hanging from the ceiling next month. She LOVES paper! We usually have paper on hand to calm a fussy Lily! Works every time!

She looks like she's ready to take off like a rocket ship. December 4th was also Grandma's birthday - noted on the sign :)

then the famous back arching Lily kicks in...I think she's going to be a contortionist someday...

This could be her future self...

ok, that made me laugh.

For now, she'll just stick to the roads. Kelle buckled her up in this and Lily loved it!! Santa may be making one for her at the North Pole right now!

At the Christmas parade to see her cousin Katie...enjoying our life through the eyes of Lily heightens the 'special-ness' to a whole new level. Sometimes I feel like I can't smile big enough to represent my giddy feelings.

One of the pictures from our Christmas card...I love the way her tongue is turned when she smiles her open mouth smile.

Before mommy and daddy went out to our Christmas party - Grandma stayed behind and had a blast with Lily. Thanks Grandma! Not sure which of you 2 had more fun!

Life is good!


jennygirl said...

I love the little person she is full of personality, preferences, tendencies, tastes, etc. She is SO FUNNY to roll across the room like that. I love the "take a breather" part!!

I can feel how much you love her in your writing!!!

What a lucky girl, that Lily Grace. :)


Heidi said...

lovin' new posts this morning with my mornin' coffee. what a treat.

I love love love the one of on the floor, when she rolled to get the camera bag...wt? how is she doing this stuff? she is such a determined little girl!!!

so true on the open mouth smile tongue...i have noticed before and it is PRECIOUS!!!!


Steph C said...

So sweet! She is perfect! So funny Skye loves paper too and always calm her and interests her beyond belief. So fun... that is wonderful you play soccer you have her there so you are not missing out on time with her and great for her to see. xoxo

Anonymous said...

You'll have to get Lily a soccer t like yours and some little pom poms so she can be moms little cheerleader!! I love that Lily rolls now - Gwen and my nephew Justin started getting around that way too and they got around pretty quick that way and somehow never banged their heads lol. Have the merrrrrriest Christmas Ever!

Donna Carnathan (bbc)

Grandpa said...

Hi Kelly!

Lily is so fortunate to have such loving parents . . . no wonder she's always smiling and happy.

I sure enjoy enjoy watching you "do your stuff" on the soccer field . . . but it's not like the old days . . . I still get stressed . . . but now I'm not allowed to yell . . . . "Shoot! Shoot! Shoot!

Love Ya!

Dad and Grandpa

dig this chick said...

Oh that contortionist picture is hilarious.

SO SO important to continue to nurture the parts of us that were around way before our are one strong and successful mama and, I believe, continuing to satisfy the needs and passions that defined us prebabe makes us better mamas. Lily will grow up knowing she can do anything!

Got your beautiful card! THANKS. It is hanging in our kitchen next to Kelle's. I have coffee with L and L every morning.

April said...

Came over from Kelle's blog ..

You have one gorgeous daughter! I too have an 8-monther. Great age!

Love the picture where she's grabbing the carpet (and the one underneath it, too.)

Merry Christmas,